Heartbreaking Dawns
Release New Grilling Sauces

Exclusive: Heartbreaking Dawns release their newest sauces

Heartbreaking Dawns debuted their North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce and their Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce at the 15th Annual Chile Pepper Food Festival in Bowers, PA.

HeartbreakingDawns.com have announced their two new Gourmet grilling sauces – the North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce, a combo of “all natural Honey with the St. Augustine Datil pepper” and the Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce, with “all natural Apricot preserves and fresh Serrano peppers”.

Pictured here are Johnny Mclaughlin and Nicole Ramsperger of HeartbreakingDawns.com at a recent Peppers.com demo:

pic of johnny & nicole

These great grilling sauces are now available on Heartbreaking Dawns website now:

North Star Honey Datil Grilling Sauce
Meridian Serrano Grilling Sauce

Enter Coupon code: hotsaucedaily for a 10% discount!

We’ll have the exclusive first look/review of these great gourmet grilling sauces coming soon.

And be sure to check out our next podcast, where we feature HeartbreakingDawns and their new grilling sauces on HotSauceWeekly.com

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  1. Datil peppers are a personal favorite since I hail from NE Florida where they are grown. Thanks for the coupon code! We’ll give that one a try.

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