FuegoBox Hot Sauce of the Month Club

Hot Sauce of the Month Clubs are, well… hot!

A quick Google search for “Hot Sauce of the Month Club” will yield about 20+ hits on the first page alone. There’s no doubt that “Of the Month Clubs” are trending.

But one hot sauce club stands out – FuegoBox at FuegoBox.co

FuegoBox.co is a premier “Hot Sauce of the Month” service. Each box is filled with gourmet hot sauces.

How it works:


For as little as $27.95 per month, you get 3 artisanal small-batch hot sauces shipped right to your door.

FuegoBox.co never compromises on quality. You’ll not get gimmicky labels or insane heat hot sauces. Just the cream of the crop style hot sauces that are highly respected within the hot sauce communities – revered by chileheads and hot sauce reviewers.

You can choose either a 3 month subscription or a 6 month subscription. They also offer a pay-as-you-go monthly plan, or a quarterly plan.

FuegoBox.co allows you to pick and choose almost any aspect of your subscription. The only thing you can’t pick and choose are the types of sauces you get.

“With FuegoBox.co, you should expect anything and everything.”
Ok! Sign me up. I love surprises!

Why FuegoBox.co:

What a great way to get delicious gourmet hot sauces delivered to you monthly, without the hassle of going online, searching for sauces and paying for shipping for each bottle. FuegoBox.co has free shipping!

What you get in each monthly box:

First 4 boxes from FuegoBox.co
First 4 boxes from FuegoBox.co

Founder Mike McAdams tells me whenever you sign up, you’ll start with Box 1 (Uno), and receive whatever that month’s box is thereafter.

We received the first 3 months of FuegoBox.co for review, and the contents are stellar.

And each box includes a glossy postcard that describes the sauces and suggests foods to try them with.

fuegobox cards
Cards to suggest the best foods to try the sauces with.

Box 1 – Uno – Includes Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho, Frankie V’s Spooky White Hot Sauce, plus the 33 Drops of Hot Sauce Booklet (a pocket sized journal to record your hot sauce tastings).

Box 2 – Dos – This box features Big Daddy’s Amplified Heat, Big Fat’s Boom Shanka, and Tabañero hot sauces.

Box 3 – Tres – Has Lucky Dog Red Label, Fat Cat Surprisingly Mild Guajillo Ghost, and Sweet Heat Gourmet Sinclair’s Fatalii hot sauces.

(You can see in our picture what is to come in Box 4. More amazingly good sauces!)

A great gift idea for your friends and family – or for yourself!

Sign up today and give the gift that keeps burning each month! (I just made that up.)

Visit FuegoBox.co and tell them HotSauceDaily.com sent you!

You can also follow them here on http://facebook.com/fuegoboxco and http://instagram.com/fuegobox.

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review.

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  1. I am glad you posted something about Fuego Box. It’s nice because I still get to try sauces made all over the US without having to order each sauce from each individual maker. I subscribe to the quarterly plan and it provides me with just the right amount of hot sauce. So for anyone reading this I for sure recommend

  2. Pretty neat service. Seems pricy until you look at ordering a single bottle online. Just like BBQ sauces it’s the shipping and handling that kill ya. So $27 really isn’t that bad, considering.

    1. I agree, Chris. And considering how many folks across the country do not have access to the gourmet stores that stock hot sauces and BBQ sauces, it’s a pretty good setup.

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