Food Podcasts That Get Me Through the Day

Here’s a list of Food Podcasts I listen to daily/weekly. I’m lucky to be able to listen to many hours of podcasts on my job, so here’s a list of the food related podcasts I enjoy. I also listen to tech podcasts and a few comedy podcasts. I’ll list them in a later post.  If you know of any good food podcasts missing from this list, please click here and let me know about them!

All You Can Eat

Website: http://www.dongenova.com/shows_podcast.html

RSS Audio Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/allyoucaneat

APM: The Splendid Table

Website: http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/

RSS Audio Feed: http://americanpublicmedia.publicradio.org/podcasts/xml/splendid_table/kitchen_questions.xml

Barbecue Secrets

Website: http://www.barbecuesecrets.libsyn.com/

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.barbecuesecrets.libsyn.com/rss

The BBQ Central Show on LA Talk Radio

Website: http://www.latalkradio.com/Greg.php

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.bbq-4-u.com/bbstalkradioshow.xml

BBQ Forum Podcast

Website: http://bbqblog.com/?cat=13

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.bbqblog.com/podcasts/bbq_forum_2.rss

Behind the Bar Show

Website: http://behindthebarshow.blogspot.com/

RSS Audio Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/BehindTheBarShow

CHIC Podcast (Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago)

Website: http://chicpodcast.mevio.com/

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.podshow.com/feeds/chicpodcast.xml

NPR: Food Podcast

Website: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast/podcast_detail.php?siteId=4985908

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php?id=1053

NPR: Kitchen Window Podcast

Website: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast/podcast_detail.php?siteId=10512892

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.npr.org/rss/podcast.php?id=510210

KCRW’s Good Food

Website: http://www.kcrw.com/etc/programs/gf

RSS Audio Feed: http://kcrw.com/podcast/show/gf

Serious Barbecue Radio

Website: http://www.controlledburnbbq.com/

RSS Audio Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/barbeque

Know of any other good food podcasts? Leave a comment and let me know about them!

Also, if you need help getting started with listening to podcasts, leave a comment and I’ll be glad to help out.

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  1. Hmm. I’ve never considered listening to a podcast about food. The BBQ one intrigued me enough to download and listen to it and now I’m hooked. Time to fire up the grill and try some of their stuff.

    I love you’re blog by the way. I found it by searching for sriracha sauce.

    Paunchinesss last blog post..Win an Apple® iPod® Shuffle

  2. @Angela – very cool, let me know if you listen to any I’ve left out of my list.

    @Paunchiness – I’m working on a new sriracha post because I found another sauce I like. The rooster is still king tho.

  3. Wow, shows what I know: I wasn’t even aware that there was such a thing as food-based podcasts until I d this. Up until now, the only podcasts I’ve been listening to are related to languages or current events. I need to check out some of these.

    Lisas last blog post..Beach Holidays along the NJ Coast!

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