Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce Part 1

Very excited to get 2 bottles of Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce!

Flying Goose Sriracha Sauce is very scarce in the United States.  I’ve only found one online source from the UK  for it.  I ordered 2 small bottles of the basic sauce.

I’ll update this post after I have a chance to try it and compare it to the Huy Fong brand, which is made in Rosemead, Ca. and of course is commonly available here.

Here’s a close-up of the front label showing the Flying Goose logo and NHAN CON NGONG BAY text underneath.

This is the back label with ingredients:

Chilli: 70%, Water, Sugar, Garlic, Flavour Enhancer (E621), Stabilizer (E415), Citrick Acid (E330), Preservative (E202)

(They have funny ingredients in Thailand… E621? What’s that?)

Left side of bottle describing the product. Yummy!

Finally, the manufactuer’s info: Flying Goose Brand, Sea World Coldstorage Co., LTD.

Chonburl, Thailand

If  anyone knows of a source in the U.S for this stuff, PLEASE let me know!

Stay tuned for a taste test and review.

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  1. @David – Thanks for the info. It doesn’t look like the Ranch 99 is set up for internet orders. But maybe someone near their store can score some Flying Goose!

    @Glenn – MSG huh? I’m a fan of it. Keep some in the cabinet and add it to some dishes from time to time. Thanks.

  2. @David: I just called the 99 Ranch store in Las Vegas, and the manager said the Flying Goose has been discontinued. They only have the Huy Fong brand. 🙁

  3. Low on regular hot sauce, I saw a bottle of Grand Mountain Sriracha that looked promising. I could tell the texture was nice and thick, decided to try something new

    First taste demanded a second just to make sure I hadn’t imagined it.
    Wowza, simple, direct, sweet tangy, oh my so many places I plan on trying this product. A new favorite, bested only by the classic Indi Pep. Glad I took a chance on Srirachi

  4. I recommend to buy sriracha always from flying goose brand and not from Huey Fong. Flying goose is direct from thailand and tastes a little sweeter cause the chilis get more sun as the chilis from america.
    So take care and look where the sauce is from, only the import direct from thailand taste like the sriracha you want.
    Huey Fongs sriracha tastes good as well but theres no sweet flavour behind the hot taste of chili and garlic.
    Thats the point sriracha from flying goose importet from thailand with red cap is the real deal.

    Greetings from Germany

    1. Hello Matthias, my German friend. I have another friend that is coming here next week from Germany and hopefully bringing a few more bottles of Flying Goose brand sriracha sauces.
      Otherwise, I plan to order a few more bottles from Thailand.

  5. greetings from Toronto! just discovered your site, looks right up my alley, I am just now getting into hot sauces too. Huy Fong sriracha is OK but I know for sure one I tried somewhere else was better. I’m hoping this is it.

    Any updates on this??


    1. When I last spoke with Jerry Good at Importfood.com, the prognosis was not good for Flying Goose. There apparently is no way to get the product into the states.
      Importfood.com does carry a few other sriracha sauces that you may want to check out.

  6. Bummer. Well I am in the Toronto area which is very diverse; I would think that one of the stores in Asian-town would have it, but parking is a nightmare. I will be on the lookout for other varieties.

    BTW – that Chuew Huad brand seems to be like non-existant anymore..

    1. Chuew Huad has ceased production. Sad, it was very sweet and thick. But only came in tiny bottles, which made it rather expensive.

      I hope you get to your Asian-town area of Toronto – I’d love to hear what you found there in the way of sriracha sauces.

  7. Sounds great. Foreign food producers really know how to make niche food items like this. I’d love to try this hot sauce in my chili…

  8. They are temporarily out of stock but will have a great sriracha back in stock in October at Harris Teeter. It is the HT Trader Sriracha Sauce and it is from Thailand.

  9. The folks at ImportFood.com are wonderful – have been a happy customer for years. Even better – they have an easy, excellent sriracha recipe on their website that I’ve made countless times and highly recommend. It includes sugar, giving the authentic sweet edge of Thai sriracha. Keeps well in the fridge, and has delicious flavor.

  10. I’ve got great news for ya, dude! We happened across Flying Goose at a local international grocery the other day and we are in love! Starts with that sweet note and has a more robust burn, for me.

    Since you live in OC, MD, next time you’re mainland, stop by LA Mart, right behind Sonic Drive In on Patapsco Ave on the south edge of Baltimore. $3 for a 455mL (525g) bottle.

      1. Just the original. I’d love to try their garlic one, and my husband and brother would love to try the extra spicy sometime.

  11. I’ll stick with the HT Traders Sriracha from Harris Teeter. I’ve traveled to Thailand and this is the one that is a best match for the authentic sriracha sauce there. Flying Goose may be the same since it is also from Thailand. I don’t think anything produced in the U.S. can compare due to availability of specific ingredients that may not be available here. Sriracha sauce originated in a town in Thailand called Sriracha.

    1. Holly – which authentic Thai sriracha do you prefer, if any?

      From the tiny taste I’ve had of Flying Goose, I can say it is further from authentic Thai than Huy Fong’s! FG is thick, harsh and acidic tasting.

      1. Brian, I’ve been to Thailand a few times though never to the town of Sriracha, where the sauce originated (I liked the sauce so much that my Thai friend gave me some history, hence finding out about the town of Sriracha.) I couldn’t tell you what my favorite was because the label wasn’t in English. When I found the HT Trader’s Sriracha Sauce at Harris Teeter I didn’t hold much hope for it as a match but thought I’d give it a shot since it showed it was from Thailand. That’s the closest product I’ve found to authentic here in that states, at least on the east coast. In my experience, Thai people know how to make it much better than we do here in the U.S.

        1. Interesting story, Holly. Thanks!

          My first thought about your Comment, was… if I’m flying all the way to Thailand, why not try to get to the town of Sriracha? But I understand how difficult that could be. 🙂

          I agree with you that the HT Trader’s Sriracha Sauce is very acceptable.

          Thank you for the Comment and for reading HotSauceDaily.com !


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