Fat Cat Foods Hot Sauce Giveaway – Favorite Tailgating Snacks and Recipes


Share your Favorite Spicy Tailgate Treat — Win Some Purr-fectly Good Hot Sauce!

What’s your favorite football-inspired food? The folks at Fat Cat Foods want to know — and so do we.

The big game’s right around the corner, and we’re preparing ourselves for those big hits, amazing plays, hilarious commercials — and, of course, some terrific tailgate-inspired food. We’re already dreaming about our favorite football recipes — but what about you? What spicy treats will you be eating and serving on Super Bowl Sunday?


Delicious flavor here trumps the heat. Amazing!

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Fat Cat Foods [www.fatcatfoods.com] for this fun giveaway. Tell us what you plan to eat or serve on Super Bowl Sunday and you could win 2 bottles of Fat Cat hot sauce and an awesome tee shirt — including their latest creation, the smoky, scorching Cat in Heat [see our review].

HOW TO ENTER: Tell us what your favorite spicy tailgate treat is in the comments below. The comments can be about anything, not just Fat Cat-based dishes. Feel free to include recipes or unique ingredients if you want (you’ll get bonus points for doing so), though that’s not necessary. Each unique comment counts as one entry in the contest. Comments must be posted by midnight of January 31, 2013 to be eligible for entry.


Back view – front is pocket image. Nice shirt!

PRIZES: Winners will receive a bottle of Fat Cat’s newest hot sauce, Cat in Heat, as well as one additional bottle of their choosing from Fat Cat’s line-up [http://fatcatfoods.com/our-products/] and one Fat Cat T-shirt (sizes adult S-XXL). Two winners will be selected at random from the eligible comments below. Winners will be notified and announced on February 1, 2013, and prizes will ship on February 4, 2013.

So what are your favorite spicy tailgate treats? Tell us below.

BTW: Fat Cat’s favorite tailgate treat is Big Dog Tina’s Fabulous Fat Cat Beer and Cheese Dip. Here’s the recipe [http://fatcatfoods.com/2012/02/recipe-big-dog-tinas-fabulous-fat-cat-beer-and-cheese-dip/], in case you want to try it yourself!

Congrats to our Big Winners: Kelly Ann T. and Christopher Sorel! And a big thanks to everyone who entered!

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  1. Craig C says:

    Bratwurst with Beer can Spicy Sage Cheese sauce:
    On grill: Cut top off of empty beer can. Fill 1/3 with beer of your choice, add cheese (block melting cheese works very well) to melt in beer can. Cook bratwurst. Once cheese has melted, add 1/2 onion diced, salt, pepper, 1 tbs sage and hot sauce to melted cheese. To serve: toast bun, to it add a good slather of cheese, top with brat and enjoy!!

    • Wow! And so we begin with a really different and obscure recipe that sounds awesome! Thanks Craig C !

  2. I plan to eat a Fat Cat! What else 😉

  3. I love a turkey chili recipe and some fat cat – cat in heat to kick it up a notch! Ground turkey, browned in with sautéed onions and lots of garlic then put in crock pot with white beans, black beans, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and a dash of red wine vinegar! Then serve over rice – delish!

  4. Matt Stovall says:

    Mine has to be a classic spicy queso dip made with velveeta cheese and rotel, add some bhut jolokia powder and a fresh moruga scorpion to heat level and enjoy!

  5. Corinne says:

    Buffalo Chicken Dip in a sourdough bread bowl. Sausage jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon. Need I say more? 🙂

  6. LeeAnn Gilbert says:

    Bacon wrapped chicken! Chicken marinated in Thom Toth’s bacon hot sauce. wrapped in bacon and rolled in brown sugar with volcano dust! Yummy goodness!! Can’t go wrong with bacon it goes great with football!!

  7. Mark Harvey says:

    Super Bowl- Venison tacos!!! Ground venison cooked with onion, garlic, Chili powder, cumin.Served on hand made corn tortillas with guacamole, cilantro, cabbage, and radishes. Bacon wrapped jalapenos and roasted habaneros crusted with salt on the side. Margaritas made with fresh tangelo juice for everyone except me!!

  8. Corinne says:

    Thought of another one: Mexican Dip with Taco Bell Lava Sauce.

  9. Jay Steinsick says:

    Jamaican Jerk Beef kabobs… Buffalo chicken kabobs and Tequila Lime shrimp kabobs with tortillas fresh Pico de Gallo, Tomatillo Salsa Verde and Guacamole!

  10. Kelly Ann T. says:

    Hot Chicken Dip.
    2 (10 ounce) cans chunk chicken, drained
    2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese, softened
    1 cup Ranch dressing
    3/4 cup Purry-Purry Sauce
    1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese

    Heat chicken and hot sauce in a skillet over medium heat, until heated through. Stir in cream cheese and ranch dressing. Cook, stirring until well blended and warm. Mix in half of the shredded cheese, and transfer the mixture to a slow cooker. Sprinkle the remaining cheese over the top, cover, and cook on Low setting until hot and bubbly.
    Use celery, crackers, or chips as dippers.

  11. My hubs makes this awesome Thai mayo with homemade mayo, cilantro, fresh ginger, turmeric and other spices, Sriracha, and bhut jolokia flakes. It’s insane!!! We love it on pizza and think it’s perfect for game day. 🙂

  12. Kettle chips loaded w may tag blue cheese crumbles, broiled, drizzled w balsamic.

    • Just plain potato chips (albiet “kettle style”)? Sounds good. Can you elaborate?

      • Easy recipe and it scales for the size of your crowd –

        Using a broiler safe baking dish or foil lined baking sheet – lay out a bag of kettle style chips (I use plain but you could experiment with flavors). Chunk or crumble blue cheese (Maytag is my fave too) over the chips. I like a lot but the ratio is up to you. Drizzle with balsamic vinegar (or your favorite hot sauce, for that matter) and broil just until the cheese heats through and the chips have a few dark edges. Remove from the broiler and slide them into a serving dish.

    • Maytag blue………..mmmm, FAVE blue cheese ever!!

  13. Blake Kaplan says:

    Down here in Mississippi, I’ll be feasting on some spicy boiled crawfish for the Big Game. Yum!

    • Nice, Blake. What do you eat them with? Sauce, dip, details please!

      • Blake Kaplan says:

        My standard dip is ketchup, horseradish, worcestershire, lemon juicy and salt and pepper all mixed together. Also, love a little hot sauce on top the crawfish.

        • Sounds good Blake! Our go-to “cocktail sauce” is simply ketchup and Heinz Chili Sauce… with a healthy dose of good horseradish. Pretty similar to yours, but I’ll try your recipe next time.

          Good luck!

  14. I am biased but our lobster roll made spicy with the award winning purry purry fat cat hot sauce. The papaya passion and Caribbean Curry also are a nice match. Our customers love Fat Cat Hot Sauce. Let’s Roll!!!

  15. Louis says:

    HOT wings, the spicier the better, also 7 layer dip with extra spicy salsa

  16. Alan Bowman says:

    Bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers filled with smoked gouda, pulled pork and cream cheese, smoked over cherry wood.

  17. Shane says:

    How about Nachos:
    brown Ground beef with Taco seasoning(your favorite brand will do, or use chili powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, garlic & onion powder, paprika and salt and pepper to your liking)
    layer some tortilla chips on an oven safe platter
    cover with ground beef mixture
    shredded cheese(your favorite)
    pickled Jalapeno peppers(as many as you like)
    Black Olives
    diced fresh tomatoes
    green onions
    add anything else you like such as black beans, refried beans,chicken instead of beef…go wild
    warm in the oven to melt the cheese
    serve with side of salsa(if the salsas to mild, hit it with a dash of your favorite hot sauce, maybe even Fat Cat hot sauce!)

  18. heather says:

    i love the mini winies and i love the chips and dips oh and the spinach dip in the sour dough bread round

  19. Jonathan says:

    It has to be the Sriracha Wings

  20. Brian Simpson says:

    since I am in a Dorm and only have access to a microwave for cooking, I am going to be making my own hotwings, with a bleu cheese dipping sauce and maybe some lovely nachos with a nice homemade dip.

  21. Miguel says:

    Creamy Sausage Datil Dip

    1 lb bulk country sausage
    1 small onion chopped
    2 cloves garlic chopped
    5 Datil peppers chopped
    1 can chopped tomatoes (or Rotel)
    8 oz cream cheese

    Saute onions, garlic, peppers, and brown the sausage. Add tomatoes and salt & pepper to taste.

    Mix in the cream cheese, and simmer until desired dip consistency. You could always do this in a crock pot.

    • Sounds awesome, Miguel. But… if we don’t have access to fresh Datil peppers, what do you suggest?

      • Miguel says:

        Datils have that sweet smoky heat that goes great with this but go with what ever you have around. If worst comes to worst some good old jalapeños will work out.

        • So I take it you are a fan of Dat’l Do-it sauces? Or maybe Dat’s Nice, or A Frame Datil sauces?

          • Miguel says:

            I love the A frame sauce, it’s a sweet sauce that reminds me of Franks Red Hot Sweet Chili, but with a Datil kick.

            A Taste of St Augustine makes a great spicy Datil sauce called Snake Bite. Its currently my favorite hot sauce period.

  22. Chicken wings! Take a nice sized pack of chicken wings. Heat a tablespoon of olive oil in a nonstick skillet and add the wings. Cook over medium-low 20-30 minutes until pink is gone. Add a tablespoon of real butter. Add enough mega-hot sauce, your choice of flavors, and heat until the smell makes your mouth water. Serve with tater tots to dip in sauce, along with blue cheese dip and celery. YUM.

    • This must be a WV thing, Nita. I’m intrigued by the concept… the wings would turn out very moist. Not crispy or crunchy at all.

  23. For me it’s gotta be BBQ’d stuffed jalapenos.

    1. Wash & remove top/seeds from jalapeno
    2. prepare mixture of ground beef, grated sharp cheddar cheese and chopped onion
    3. Stuff jalapenos full to the top with beef/cheese mixture
    4. Grill to perfection. When the beef is cooked, the jalapeno evenly scalded (not burnt!) and cheese starts oozing out a bit, they’re good to go.
    5. nom nom nom nom nom!
    6. food coma, enjoy the game.


    Scott Z

    I’ll send you the address – I wear an XL.

    • So you cook the beef in the pepper/popper on the grill? It’s not a pre-cooked beef mixture? Radical!

  24. I love fried them grilled hot wings. I will be throwing some on this Sunday. Just fry the wings till cooked. Toss in your favorite hot sauce and the grill for 3-4 minutes. It caramelizes the hot sauce and makes the super delicious.

    • WOW! A reverse sear of wings of sorts. Fry first and *then* grill ’em with the sauce. Gotta try this alternate universe method of fried wings on the grill! Thanks Rex!

      • Brian it is actually pretty awesome. It dries the wing sauce out a bit so they are a little cleaner to eat, but it maintains the heat. Plus it adds an extra layer of smokiness. It is my favorite.

  25. Christopher Sorel says:

    chicken wings smoked and then some moink balls

  26. Game day food has to be smoked pork shoulder…sandwiches, nachos, or just straight up. Plus if you are doing it right you have plenty for leftovers!

  27. aaron says:

    When it comes to football teams mine is a classic in the Chicago Bears. Nothing defines football better than a game in Soldier Field! When it comes to my football foods, like my team, those too are classics. I’m talking Nachos with cheese and jalepenos, steamed mustard dogs on
    steamed buns and hot wings…Nothing better!

    • Hey Aaron! What the heck are steamed mustard dogs? Educate us Marylanders and the rest of the country.

  28. Joey M says:

    One thing that I make, every day, is a layer dip. I wouldn’t call it a seven-layer dip, because it changes from year to year but in essence:

    I mix refried beans abd diced jalepenos for layer one. Layer two is sour cream with taco seasoning sprinkled on top. Layer three is homemade guacamole. Layer four is salsa. Layer five is sharp cheddar cheese. Layer six is diced tomatoes. Layer seven is diced onions. Layer eight is green onions. Sometimes I will add ground beef or bacon.

  29. Stephen Russell says:

    Wings with my own sauce. We like a high zest and some solid heat in our mix.

    Also have burgers and brats. For burgers I do a Mexican flair. Picante sauce on top of burger, guacamole, tortilla chips and a bun. The corn in the chips throws a great flavor in there to surprise most. 

  30. I have to go with my wife’s Spicy Taco Dip

  31. Betty says:

    My fave is Chili, of course David will be adding lots of hot sauce to his 🙂

    • Wow, really? David? Hot Sauce? I never would have guessed! Chili is so versatile, and I always try to keep some in the freezer for those nightswhen I want some slightly spicy comfort food. We’ve had it on pasta, on nachos, with Frito Scoops, and in the bowl (of course).

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