Ep 05 – Cajun Island

Nick Ney of Cajun Island
Nick Ney of Cajun Island

Our interview with Nick Ney of Cajun Island proved to be an interesting look at how success in the chile business often takes an unusual path.

Highlights include:

  • Nick’s recipe for blackened baby back ribs
  • How being an Army cook put him on the path to becoming a saucepreneur
  • The surprising way he developed the Scovie winning Sweet Blackened Sauce
  • His thoughts on how to make it in the sauce business…in spite of the “food mafia”
  • His big special on Cajun Island Blackening Spice

You can find Nick at www.cajunisland.com

Brian Meagher’s blog: HotSauceDaily

Randy Combs on Twitter: ChileRockin

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