Ep 012 CinChili Part 1

Our First Episode of 2010!

In our first episode of 2010, Marilyn and Brian geek out on our new computers then talk “chili”.

Scott Roberts reviews CaJohn’s Bourbon Infused Hot Sauce

Then Brian and Randy present Part 1 of our interview with Cindy Reed Wilkins of CinChili.com.

Since this is the first episode produced entirely on our new Mac, it is in AAC format on iTunes. I’m hoping to avoid having to publish it in .mp3 format any further. If you really like the podcast, and still want the .mp3 format please let me know in the comments section below!

Just a footnote: I had quite a time getting this episode up on iTunes – so if you got duplicate entries of it, I apologize. We’ll get it right!

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  1. Brian, you’ll need to publish it in mp3 format for those people out there who don’t have iPods/iPhones.

  2. I agree, I would still like to have the mp3 format.

    • Thank you Dan and Scott.
      I’m working on providing and maintaining the mp3 format as well as the AAC format.

      I really appreciate the feedback!

  3. I thank you guys so much for the feedback! I’ll stick with the mp3 version for now. Just updated it. Enjoy!