Ep-010-Judicial Flavors – Wendell Peters

This week’s podcast with attorney/saucepreneur, Wendell Peters of Judicial Flavors, takes a look at how Wendell developed branding for Judicial Flavor and how he’s grown from pickles to peppers. Plus, you’ll hear some…ummm…not so funny lawyer jokes.


Wendell Peters of Judicial Flavor

Show notes:

Judicial Flavor

Here are some of Wendell’s much funnier lawyer jokes

Scott Roberts reviews Marie Sharp’s Habanero Pepper Sauce

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  1. Awesome show yet again Brian!!! I loved the lawyer jokes too. My sister is a lawyer, I wonder if she has heard any of these.

  2. Starr Oakes says

    I have been buying their sauces for a long time now. My favorite is Under the Influence because it goes so good on chicken and fish. Lawyers Breath was the first one I got and I still use that for chicken wings and on my eggs. I bought a gift basket for my friend that’s a cop and got some tin’s to give my friends. They all taste so delicious. I tell everyone I know to try Judicial Flavors all the time.

  3. Marilyn says

    We have his cookbook too. What a great Christmas gift for any foodie! And it’s got a LOT of lawyer jokes included.

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