Ed’s Red Hot Sauce Review

Ed’s Red from Port St. Joe, Florida has a couple of sauces they’ve been making since 2000. With the slogan of “An Oyster’s Best Friend” emblazoned on the label, you just know these sauces are made for seafood.
A Gulf Coast Floridian native, Ed Creamer concocted his hot sauce to satisfy his desire for the perfect hot sauce.

Ed’s relentless pursuit of hot sauce perfection culminated in his immaculate Ed’s Red recipe. Originally Ed intended to keep his recipe a secret, only giving out free bottles to family and friends. But once the word spread about how superb his hot sauce was, he couldn’t keep Ed’s Red a family secret for long.

eds red hot sauce

Ed’s Red Hot Sauce

eds red hot sauce sample

First Impressions:

This sauce has a piquant aroma, like a kicked up cayenne pepper sauce. You can smell the horseradish in it. You can tell it’s going to be different.

Texture & Appearance:

While not exactly thin, it has a slightly medium thick consistency. The bright red color carries bits and flecks of all the goodies inside.


A big, bold, very original flavor is in this little bottle. The bright taste of peppers paired with the hit of horseradish really gives me a satisfying mouth-full of hot sauce goodness. I love the horseradish component. It’s like a cayenne pepper sauce meets cocktail sauce.

Heat Level:

Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars – As good as the flavor and taste are, the heat is just shy of lighting up my mouth. (They do offer an XX Hot version that may do just that). The burn is on the lips and the front of my mouth. It’s not a long burn, but between the peppers and horseradish there is a good sting.

eds red hot sauce label


Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – I LOVE the label and graphics on this bottle. Everything from the fonts and colors, to that photo of ol’ Ed himself. A very strong graphic package.

Overall Rating:

Rated 2.5 out of 5 Stars – I would buy this sauce, but will probably go for the XX Hot version. The nice, bold, unique flavor is very enjoyable. This hot sauce is a perfect cross between a cocktail sauce and hot sauce.


tomato sauce (ripe tomatoes, distilled vinegar, salt, corn syrup), peppers, horseradish (salt, vinegar & natural flavoring, lemon juice, garlic powder (dehydrated garlic), salt, onion powder (dehydrated onions)

Distributed exclusively by Sauces Galore you can purchase this sauce directly by visiting EdsRed.com and please tell them HotSauceDaily.com sent you!

Disclaimer: We received this product courtesy of the manufacturer for review.

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  1. We really feel this sauce would be good on oysters as it is advertised.
    If we get around to actually trying that we will keep you posted.

  2. It’s a fact! Being a northerner down in the Panhandle for a respite from winter, we have been enjoying Ed’s Red Sauce on everything that requires hot sauce. And, as it says on the bottle, the oysters we have eaten from Apalachicola to Panama City Beach have all been dashed with Ed’s sauce since we discovered it at Indian Pass Raw Bar. Going to look up Ed’s place in Port Saint Joe in the next few days and stop by to congratulate and thank him. And oh yes, plan to buy a bunch of his sauces too.

  3. My husband and I tried Ed’s Red Original hot sauce when we visited Port St Joe a few weeks ago and this knocked our socks off! My husband is a hot sauce snob (he LOVES to cook and create his own sauces and rubs) and he said this is his absolute FAVORITE hot sauce. It has some heat but not too much and has a fantastic flavor. It can be used on a great many things, not just seafood. We are going to order more and soon because that 5 oz bottle we bought isn’t going to last long!

    1. Thanks Alisa for telling us. I love the story behind Ed’s Red too.

      Ask your hot sauce hubby to stop by sometime too!

  4. We had this sauce at Indian Pass Raw bar too. Great stuff!!!! They had Ed’s Red tshirts there and I could kick myself for not getting one. Know where I may find one??

    Thanks for the help, from a fellow hot sauce maker.

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