Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister Fame and his new Cherry Habanero hot sauce – video

We had a blast hanging out with Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister fame, while he was demo-ing his new Ojeda’s Cherry Habanero hot sauce.

Filmed at Peppers.com‘s new store, Eddie is joined by John Rizzotti of Rippin’ Red hot sauces, where John cooked up 3 different batches of wings, some pulled pork with Eddie’s new sauce, and a ropa vieja dish featuring his new Forbidden Angel hot sauce.

Some pics of the day. Click on any for a larger view.

You can order Ojeda’s Cherry Habanero Hot Sauce at http://ojedasauces.com

And check out Rippin’ Red sauces at http://rippinred.com

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    1. It’s pretty unique, having that cherry base, and it paired well with the pulled pork. The bbq wings had too much Dr Pepper BBQ sauce on them, so the Ojeda sauce was a bit covered up. But I could sense the Ojeda would be a great sauce on wings. I’ll have to put it through some paces of my own.

  1. Cherry and hab, that’s one I’ll have to try soon because I’ve been working on my competition BBQ red sauce which is a cherry chipotle blend. I’d like to see how the cherry hab can swing that.

    1. That combo sounds even better. I love me the chipotle. You’ll just have to send me the recipe (privately)!

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