Del Taco Opens Web Store – Sells Hot Sauce Packets

Del Taco has launched an online web store featuring merchandise such as shirts and hats, gift cards and their famous hot sauce packets.

Del Taco sauce packets

The store offers each of Del Taco’s three popular hot sauce packets – Del Taco® Mild Sauce, Del Scorcho™, and Del Inferno™ – in 50-count buckets. Customers can also purchase a 150-count, 3 bucket combo containing all three flavors.

Three bucket combo

“Our fans frequently ask about buying these items, and we are excited to now introduce an online destination for our fans to find what they want,” said John Cappasola, Del Taco’s chief brand officer. “We have shipped hot sauce packets all over the world, and the new web store makes it much easier for our fans to get their favorite Del Taco hot sauce flavor wherever they are.”

The new store is located at www.DelTacoWebStore.com and can also be accessed via the company’s Facebook page.


UPDATE: 03/08/2015: Del Taco has added a lot of apparel for you to buy. And the 50 packs of sauce are only $4.99 now.
Also, reader Joe C wrote in to say:

I just saw your section regarding Del Scorcho sauce at Del Taco… Just want to give you a heads up that you can simply buy a case of 2100 packets for under $30 + shipping. I live 20 min away so it was about $38 total. You have to send in a check to them and it clear before they will ship, but hey, they don’t want to deal with bounced checks, I get it. I see that readers were wondering what is soooo great about Del Taco, honestly, nothing really. It is an American-Mexican taco place that also does burgers & fries. What makes them blow Taco Bell out of the water is that the food is just better all the way around and it is cheaper too. Taco’s are 59 cents regular and 99 cents for the larger size. But you can fill your belly for $3-4 (less soda).

Thanks Joe!

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  1. Unfortunately, Del Taco (a California based company) is only in South Carolina and Florida on the East Coast. As such, I’ve never been to one, but Marilyn has and claims they have great food.

    We’re hoping to get our hands on some of the sauces to try.

    1. I’m hoping some Del Taco fans chime in here. I’d love to know what’s so great about them.

  2. I’ve never seen a Del Taco either. The packaging seems like it would make the cost per ounce quite high compared to the same amount from 50 packets in a single jar.

  3. For the people asking about the food – there’s a Del Taco in my town that’s only been here a year or so and I’ve been eating there ever since my cousin turned me onto them. A lot of what they have is similar to Taco Bell but the quality seems to be much better. You don’t get stale wraps, the beans are actually beans (not re-hydrated powder) and the meat has a better flavor and less filler. They also have breakfast burritos and biscuits, burgers, and some good desserts. The only place that’s open 24 hours in my town, and they have reasonable prices.

    As for the sauce… Well I used to be addicted to Taco Bell’s Fire sauce but this Del Inferno is hotter and the taste is great. I ended up on this site through Google because I was looking for a way to get more of it (Thanks Brian). The Del Scorcho is good too, but not quite hot enough for me.

    1. Hey now, a real Del Taco review from a real person! Thanks Allen.

      I’m working on getting my hands on some of the Del Taco’s sauces now.

      1. No problem at all, I hope what I said was helpful. I’m with Chris on the packaging though. I’ve never bought hot sauce “packets” before so I don’t know if 10 cents each is good or bad, but it seems like it would be cheaper and easier for customers if they just put it in a bottle unless no one really buys the stuff.

        1. Del Taco, are you reading/listening? People want to buy your sauce in bottles.

          @Allen, I’m thinking most fans would be happy to buy and try Del Taco sauces in bottles. Maybe they *are* listening.

    2. OMG I can’t even use the name taco smell I mean taco _ _ _ _ well it rhymes with smell in the same sentence as DELL TACO!!!! I apologize to all the Taco _ _ _ _ fans out there I mean no disrespect.
      Del Tacos beans and meat and cheese etc. are no comparison. I can’t seem to find what type of cheese that they use in their quesadillas or in their burritos but it’s like no other I have tasted. The ground beef that they use is phenomenal, it’s in no comparison as to the other taco joints or any other fast food Mexican restaurants. It’s real ground beef not some kind of paste others try to pass off as ground beef. I would even put Del Taco up against some Mexican restaurants that are not fast food. I’m not claiming that Del Taco is authentic Mexican food in the least. But it is a taste that I think you will truly enjoy! I prefer their Del Beef burritos, they have green and red sauce but, me and most of my friends feel the green sauce is the best. There quesadillas, french fries, beef, chicken, and beans are very unique but a very enjoyable flavor. I really hope you get the opportunity to try at least half the things on their menu I am extremely confident you will not be disappointed. They also have a “secret sauce” not listed on the menu that you can get a side of upon request. You can dip your fries in it, pour on your tacos, burritos or even dip your quesadilla in it. If you enjoy sour cream or mayonnaise in the least bit I can almost guarantee you will enjoy a side of secret sauce. I really hope you get the opportunity to try Del Taco sometime in the near future. Again not to sound like a broken record but I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed, enjoy!!!!

      1. Thanks Cory! Next time tell us how you really feel. 🙂
        Seriously tho, if I get get a chance to try Del Taco, I will ask for the secret sauce!

  4. this is awsome.we are living in missouri ,but grew up on west coast,miss Del Taco.please put a 1 or 2 in springfield Mo. people here just don’t know what they are missing!or very close by.thanks for

  5. oops,couple lines got mixed up in my first comment. comment-ok,please,put a couple DEL TACO’S in Springfield Mo.

    1. Haha… good luck with that Debbie. But I’d guess you’ll see a Del Taco in Missouri before we *ever* see one here in Maryland.

  6. I am so excited for this site. So glad I found this article that led me to the store. A bottle would be much more convenient, but I am not going to complain about packets. I moved from Southern CA 3 years ago to Kansas where there is no Del Taco and now I’m pregnant and all I can think about is Del Taco, especially Del Scorcho. This will be so much easier for me than getting family members to stockpile packets for me and sending them out since I go through them so quickly. Thank goodness for this article.

    1. Hey, Kaitlin, thanks for that nice comment. I’m happy for you that you now have a source for the Del Taco sauce.

  7. I live in california and I LOVE del taco!!!!!! I eat it all the time. This is the most exciting day ever that I can actually get a bucket of the sauce!!!!!!!!!! I put it on almost everything it’s the best….. I love you del taco mild sauce 🙂

  8. Del Taco is the bomb. I’m in live in southern CA. My daughter moved to south Carolina and is always asking us to send her sauce. We are going to see her next week and she asked that we bring her some sauce. I found this web site and just sent her the link.
    Thanks Del Taco. I get tired of grabbing hand fills of your sauce and sending to my daughter,.but would continue to do it.

  9. I am a huge fan of del taco, although they are known for their burritos and tacos they also make some awesome burgers, the double del is fantastic!!! The sauces I put on everything my favorite is DEL SCORCHO not hot just has a kick, order the combo bucket of sauces and find your favorite its gonna be a hard decision M

  10. I’ve been going to Del Taco for over 30 years. They are worlds better than Taco Bell but still, not the best mexican food (I mean, c’mon, it’s a fast food joint). Still, their hot sauce is outstanding and if it weren’t for the horrendous shipping charge, I’d pick up a bucket just well, because). I prefer the mild (and it’s been the SAME mild for decades).

    1. Wow… shipping rates, yea. UPS Ground at $13+ seems kinda high.
      I banged thru the choices and the best I could find was the USPS Priority Flat Rate of $10.70 for the Tub of 50 Mild sauces.

      In both cases, doubling your order to 2 tubs of 50 each (100) packets is the best option. And hey, let’s face it, 100 packets go fast if each person in your house uses 3 or 4 packets per food/dinner.

      Shipping is high for all the hot sauce manufacturers, whether it’s a plastic bottle, glass bottles/jars, or a bucket of packets. It’s the nature of the beast on the internets. 🙂

      Still cheaper than gas, and the variety is endless… and in a day or so, the goodies arrive at your door! Winner!

      1. Brian, it used to be in bottles but they stopped. The mild sauce on quesadillas was my favorite. No del taco anymore in my area. I usually like hot sauces but the mild has a great flavor. This will be great to get some again.

        1. I’m going to do a Bing or Google image search. I’d love to see what the bottles looked like.

      2. if you are like me you use 4 delscorcho packets for each taco and 7 packets for the burritos.

        1. I would, Jorge, if they ever open a store in Maryland!

          But Del Scorcho is my favorite of the 3.

    2. Absolutely agree with James. Del Taco bought out the Naugles fast food chain here on the west coast back in the late 80’s and that’s when I really started to enjoy Del Taco egg & cheese breakfast burritos. I love hot sauce and I can handle a fair amount of heat, but when I tried the Del Scorcho sauce on an egg/cheese burrito, the spices made me hiccup. First time I ever had that reaction and I almost laughed my ass off because I couldn’t stop hiccuping. Now I am used to the Del Scorcho and I always ask for extra. That way if I buy any mexican food at any other joint, I pull out the Del Scorcho. Recently tried the Inferno, and I started to hiccup again. Needless to say, I’m sticking with the Del Scorcho. Great stuff.

      1. That’s a pretty funny story, Dave. I know getting the hiccups from hot sauce is annoying but fun. Thanks for adding your “take” on Del Taco sauces!

  11. I’m one of the guilty people that called Del’s headquarters to order Del Scorcho,
    but they only sold it in the case (like what the restaurants get), but it was worth it.
    Now that they have the smaller batches it will be easier to buy and find a place
    in the kitchen for the container. Scorcho is made with Jalapeno peppers and has
    a great taste, squirt it onto your tortilla chips, guacamole, eggs, and any food item
    from any other restaurant to improve the flavor of that other food.

    1. Hi Ann, thank you so much for adding your input. If we EVER get a Del Taco out this way, I will be a happy man.

  12. Hello Brian,
    I was born in Cali in 68 and moved to Arlington,Texas in 1980. Would’nt you know, down on the next block, there was a Del Taco on the corner. Being 11 years old I did not know the restarant. We mainly ate at taco bell, KFC back in the 70s when my family got take out which was always a treat. Make a long story short, that Del Taco was there from 1975 to 1993 I believe and then closed. This year, in June,2012, Del Taco opened back up in the same building, on the same corner, after a 20 some year leaving. As I write to you, I’ve been there 2 times and it is Awesome, brings back Alot of memories. I was 18 the last time I was there before they closed. I’m 43 now and in the Drive Thru, looking around at the old shopping center remembering, that was that store they closed back in 87. Ha,Ha, Weird but true. You will be a fan after the first bite. God Bless. Del Inferno sauce is making me sweat, must get in front of my fan now. Only 104 degrees in Texas today, Cool front, Peace,:):):):)

    1. That’s an awesome story, Luke! Thanks for sharing it with us.
      You’re lucky to have Del Taco in your town.

  13. I also was trying to find a way to buy there sauce but I guess untill they decide to make that amazing decision we will all just gave to ask for as much as they will give us! I love there sauce I had never been there until a few days ago and my boyfriend asked for extra inferno sauce I have used it ever chance I have had since!!!

  14. I am addicted to Del Taco’s Green Sauce. If I could buy a gallon of it, I would. They have recently opened a Del Taco about 22 miles away and my family likes all the food. I am so glad the prices are reasonable. What a pleasure to find that the sauce is still the same.

  15. when I am down in california, I eat Del Taco food TWICE a day! Because I know I can’t get this up north in washington, so I really eat all of the food I can before I leave.

    Including consuming all of the Del Scorcho I can!

    I love the 59 cent tacos, the 50 cent burritos, the double del cheeseburger, it is all so good!

    And the 1.00 strawberry lemonade made with real strawberries? Can not get much better

    You can get a whole bag of food, for like 4.00 bucks, and a LOT OF FOOD, not a small bag by any means.

    I am for sure going to order a few buckets of del scorcho when I move back to seattle

  16. Del Taco is no longer in SC looks like the location in Rock Hill closed, which made us very sad cause we loved their food!!!!!!

  17. I love there food and sauces. used to work for Del-taco… The del-scorcho is the best. great ingredients. Now that we moved to Indiana we are dieing for some Del-Taco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. We actually had a Del Taco on St. Simons Island, GA for about ten years. Apparently it was the only one in the east for a while. It was the only fast food type place I truly loved and got spoiled on it. When it closed down, there was no replacement.
    I do travel quite a bit, so I make a point to stop at Del Taco anytime I find one.
    Their hot sauces are not hot, but they are very tasty and goes perfectly with their food. Even the mild is great on their quesadillas.
    Since the shipping price is 14 bucks for the sauce, I try to snatch a little bag full of packets when I’m at a Del Taco and just bring it home.

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