Dat’s Nice Datil Pepper Sauce Review

Datil Peppers are unique to the St Augustine area of Florida. And maybe we’re wishing for warmer weather here in Maryland, but our thoughts turn to Florida and when it comes to peppers, the Datil pepper from Florida is very much on the forefront.

We’re reviewing Dat’s Nice Datil Pepper Sauce for you. But first…

You can go all around this great land of ours and ask “have you ever tried the Datil pepper?” or “do you ever use Datil peppers in your recipes or sauces?” and chances are you’ll get a quizzical look. What the heck is a Datil pepper?

The Datil Pepper is slightly less hot than the Orange Habanero with a sweeter, fruitier taste. The heat intensity for these peppers ranges from 100,000 to 300,000 Scoville Units. Mature fruit are 1” to 3” in length and are yellow/orange.

Indigenous to St Augustine in Florida, these peppers are …

“… an exceptionally hot pepper, a variety of the species Capsicum chinense (syn. Capsicum sinense).
Datils are similar in strength to habaneros but have a sweeter, fruitier flavor. Their level of spiciness may be anywhere from 100,000 to 300,000 scoville units. Mature peppers are about 3.5 inches long and yellow-orange in color.
Datil peppers are cultivated throughout the United States and elsewhere, but the majority are produced in St. Augustine, Florida. Although local lore suggests datils were brought to St. Augustine by indentured workers from Minorca in the late 18th century, it is more likely they were brought from Chile around 1880 by a jelly maker named S. B. Valls. Datil peppers are used by the Minorcan community in many recipes. There are many commercial manufacturers of datil pepper products in St. Augustine, and there is an annual Datil Pepper Festival.” Source: Wikipedia

On to our review….

Dat’s Nice Datil Pepper Sauce comes in a large 12 ounce bottle.

And Dat’s Nice is so sure that you will enjoy their sauce they have this guarantee printed right on the label:
If you don’t like this sauce, you won’t buy another bottle, we guarantee it!

Pretty funny! Now let’s taste this sauce and see what we have.

Texture & Appearance:

Brian: A beautiful looking sauce, finely chopped and chunky, it’s a great blend visually. Not too thick or too thin, it holds together well on the plate.
Marilyn: Fairly thick, with bits in it. It’s not as thick as ketchup, but close. I like the nice cling factor. I see lots of black pepper bits, flakes of pepper (green?) and it’s very shiny.


Click for giant view

Brian: At first taste I get a lot of heat, with some fruit. It’s hot, spicy, and peppery. Hot and fruity with a strong tomato flavor base.
Marilyn: I first taste sweet then heat. I sense a lot of sugar. There’s an odd taste… I see it’s the cucumber. The black pepper flavor is predominant, then the heat of the Datil comes in. Reminds me of a not so sour sweet & sour sauce.

Heat Level:

Brian: Rated 3 out of 5 Stars – It’s hot, but the heat dissipates fast.
Marilyn: Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars – The heat lingers, but only for a short while. Lots of black pepper heat in addition to that of the Datil pepper.


Brian: The large 12 ounce bottle is a bonus. The label reads clearly, and the graphic looks like a seaside fishing village.
Marilyn: Pretty cool. A quaint fishing village on a pier. I like the friendly design.

Overall Rating:

Brian: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – Yup! Five stars. This sauce is so good and flavorful. Very unique. These guys bring it on.
Marilyn: Rated 3 out of 5 Stars – There’s just too much black pepper for me. Even though it’s last in the ingredients, I don’t care for the amount that I taste. Otherwise, it’s very good straight out of the bottle and would be great paired with chicken tacos or stir-fried veggies.


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Joe Stewart at DatsNiceHotSauce.com carries this sauce as well as his 12 ounce Mustard Datil Pepper Sauce – Tell Joe that HotSauceDaily sent you!

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  1. We want to thank Brian and Marilyn for the wonderful review. We will be sure and send more products to them as they become available because we do appreciate their feedback. Joe

    1. Hey Joe, you have a great product with Dat’s Nice and a great label. We sincerely wish you all the best. Thanks for your feedback.

    2. Hi Joe, Thank you so much for making such a great product! We look forward to seeing what else you have up your sleeve :-). I plan to glaze my next pork loin with your sauce. Thanks for bringing Datil peppers to the masses!

  2. Excellence in a bottle. This sauce is great on just about everything. Great combination of flavors. Dat’s Nice Datil Pepper Sauce hits the Dat Spot Nice !!

  3. I know about datil peppers because I lived in nearby Jacksonville FL until 2000. I used to ride to St A on my training rides for cycling, surfed at Vilano and Blowhole, and “might have” partied there once or twice. I think the one I was familiar with was Datil Do It, we got samples of it at the corporate offices of Winn-Dixie Stores.

    As you can tell, this brought back some memories, I’ll have to snatch up a bottle or two of this. I just found out there is a hot sauce store in nearby Gatlinburg so I’ll look for it there.

    1. Chris: Thank you for the comment. I noticed that you have not tried our product yet. I am in the process of getting our sauces in the Gatlinburg area in Pepper Palace since we are in the store here in St. A. Look us up online, I will be more than happy to get the sauce to you.

    2. Hey Chris, I’m happy this brought back some memories for you. And you probably *did* party there once or twice. 🙂

      Joe is awesome, and I’m sure he’ll help you out.

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