datil pepper bbq rub label

Datil Pepper BBQ Rub Wings from Old Florida Style Foods

Our Week of Wings 5 began with a mild sauce, and today we’re looking at a mild rub featuring the Datil Pepper from Florida.

Datil Pepper BBQ Rub Dry Wings

datil pepper bbq rub label

Week of Wings 5 – Day 2. Today we’re reviewing some dry rubbed wings using Datil Pepper BBQ Rub from Old Florida Style Foods. I’m a huge fan of the Datil Pepper flavor and profile, and so far we’ve had quite a few Datil pepper hot sauces, but this is our first Datil pepper dry rub. Unique to St. Augustine, Florida, the Datil pepper is truly a unique American chile pepper.

Preparation: Deep fried. Again, we did our usual 3 step cook – baked the wings at 350º for 40 minutes (turning once half-way through), deep fried at 350 – 375º for 2 – 3 minutes, then tossed in the sauce. See our Wings 101 post for more info.

Ingredients: paprika, chili powder, dry mustard, sugar, salt, Datil peppers, and spices.

datil pepper bbq rub texture

Texture and Appearance: This medium-fine grind features larger flakes of salt and spices. Rusty red in color, you know you are getting some paprika and chili powder in the mix. I only wish there were more of the Datil pepper component to really show off a good variety of textures, and more importantly to add to the heat of the rub. Nice mix.

Taste on wings: We ended up with some heavily spiced wing portions since we used a heavy hand in seasoning them. They were very savory, but with little heat. Pleasant tasting, sweet and not too salty, just a surprisingly mild heat level for a Datil pepper rub. There was a nice smoky flavor that really won us over – a by-product of the Datil pepper, I’m sure.

Now, mild heat level aside, I want to emphasize how much we enjoyed these dry rubbed wings and their great flavor. While we didn’t get time to actually review them in 2013…

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These dry rubbed wings from Old Florida Style Foods were one of our 13 Favorite Products of the Year for 2013. Yes, they are that good! Outstanding.

datil pepper dry wings

Heat Level: Rated 1.5 out of 5 Stars – This rub is not about the heat, it’s about the flavor. I wish it were hotter, but it’s not. Perhaps they will come out with a hotter version. If so, I’m all in! Smoky and savory.

Overall rating: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – Amazing. These were smoky, savory, slightly sweet and delicious. These dry rubbed wings were at the top of the charts for us. You have to try this rub! Winner.

Disclaimer: We purchased this product for our own personal use and review purposes. No compensation was received. The thoughts and opinions expressed are our own.

About Old Florida Style Foods

datil pepper bbq rub bottle

John and Rhonda Maloughney own Old Florida Style Foods out of Edgewater, Florida, trading as Mad John’s Food, LLC.

Mad John’s Food, LLC introduces “Old Florida Style” brand. Mad John’s Food, LLC grows it’s own supply of Datil Peppers and produces several products, including Datil Pepper Salsa and Condiment, Datil Pepper Honey Barbeque Glaze, Datil Pepper Barbeque Seasoning Rub, Datil Pepper Garlic Pickle Chips, Old Florida Style Datil Pepper Jelly and Datil Pepper “Cracker Style” Hot Pepper Sauce that are sure to please the culinarian. We use only the highest quality ingredients that are all natural and contain no MSG and assure consistent quality and taste.

Visit http://madjohnsfood.com/ for all of their great prducts.

Social Media: Follow Old Florida Style Foods on Facebook.

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  1. Thanks for the great review, we haven’t tried wings the way you did. They really were great!! I had some cooked and passed them out at the bar we run and everyone thinks we should put them on the menu. My wife and I also talked about upping the datil pepper for a hotter verison. We’llsend you some soon.
    Best Regards and Thank you again;
    John and Rhonda Maloughney
    Mad Johns Food
    Old Florida Style Foods

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