mexican chorizo raw

Cooking Mexican Pork Chorizo

Mexican Pork Chorizo is a raw product that must be cooked.

Unlike it’s Spanish counterpart that is a cured sausage similar to a salami that can be sliced and eaten right away, Mexican Chorizo must be cooked. It usually comes packed in a plastic sleeve that you would discard.

mexican chorizo raw

Preheat a skillet on medium-high, turn out the chorizo onto it and cook away.

Our video shows the progress of cooking chorizo.

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  1. Just cooked some yesterday. The texture is kinda mushy but the flavor is great! Especially the hot chorizo!

    1. I like the butcher/store made chorizo much better. Much less fat, better mouth feel and more porky taste. I’ve seen it in main steam grocery stores but you’ll absolutely find it in Hispanic super mercado.

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