Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce

Chipotles in adobo

Smoky, hot chipotle peppers in a seasoned adobo tomato sauce. Candy in a can!

Chipotle (pronounced “chee-POHT-lay”) peppers are ripe, red jalapenos that have been dried and smoked. In their dried form, they look brown and leathery. In the sweet, adobo sauce, they are soft and red.

The adobo sauce, which can be purchased canned by itself, is a lightly spiced, thin tomato sauce. See ingredients below.

These babies are hot, smoky and sweet. You have to chop them to use in recipes, because the whole pepper is too big and hot to add whole.

Chop some up and throw in your burgers before cooking, add to barbecue sauces, baked beans… or whenever you want that fresh, hot and smoky chipotle flavor in your recipe!

They are the base for my Mega’s Smoky Chipotle Salsa as well as the main ingredient in Rachel Ray’s “Texas Hold-ums Mini Chipotle Burgers with Warm Fire-roasted Garlic Ketchup” – yea, it’s a mouthfull! But they are incredibly good!

La Morena Chipotles in Adobo

I prefer the La Morena brand, or La Costena or Herdez brands. Stay away from the San Marcos brand, I think they are inferior.

After opening, these keep in the fridge for 3-4 weeks in an airtight container.


  • chipotle peppers, tomato puree, paprika, sugar, salt, onions, sesame oil, vinegar, garlic, bay leaves and oregano

You should be able to buy canned chipotles in adobo at your grocer -look in the international foods isle.

TheSpiceHouse.com offers canned, as well as dried and powdered versions of chipotles.

If you’d like to make your own, I found this recipe that looks pretty authentic, but I haven’t tried it yet.

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  1. Found this information to be very helpful!! Helped me to recognize the product i needed; to prepare a new recipe!! Expanded my knowledge,and avoided confusion!! Thank you!!

  2. This was very helpful, I was trying to find out how long the peppers stay fresh in the fridge. I am making chipotle meatballs tonight for a party. I use ground turkey, onion, eggs, bread crumbs, chipotle peppers in adobo, chili powder, some Penzeys spices and cilantro. They are amazing.

    1. @Jill, they just may be the only Turkey meatballs I would eat / try.

      I think you’re good for 3-4 weeks before you have to toss them or use them.

  3. I just found found a recipe using a can of the peppers and sauce poured over a Boston Butt pork roast. It sounded wonderful, but my family doesn’t like “hot” foods…when you say they are ‘spicy’, do you mean HOT?

  4. Brian: Thank you for the post. I don’t like spicy food but tried for the first time a small can of Goya. I scraped away the seeds, strained the juice, and tested the heat. The low heat in this brand increased to a teasingly mild heat, stayed a couple of minutes and then left. The sauce is fabulous and I absolutely LOVE it.

    I can do without the peppers and would like to ask you if you know of a brand with just the sauce, minus the chipotles with the same great taste?

    Thank you for your time,

  5. I live in Alberta, Canada. Any idea if they sell it up here? Can’t find it.

  6. Thanks for the input. I tried Amazon but they won’t ship to Canada. I’ll just have to make a trip down south!

  7. Thanks to your Canadian friend I was able to get my peppers in Adobo Sauce. Thank you so much!

  8. I wanted to mention that I recently used the Goya brand, because that’s all one particular store carried. They were disappointingly bland. Where I usually use one pepper of another brand, I used two Goya peppers, plus some sauce, and still didn’t get much flavor or heat. Now I have to figure out which ones I used before that were so good. 🙂

    1. Debra, I’m sorry the Goya brand was so bland, but I’m glad you shared that with us so we don’t buy them.

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