Carolina Sunshine Wing Sauce

WEEK OF WINGS IV - Day 7 - Carolina style wing sauce We wrap up our Week of Wings with Carolina Sunshine Wing Sauce. We reviewed Carolina Sunshine's BBQ sauce on pulled pork (ironically during our Week of Mild), and I fully expected their Wing Sauce to be just a kicked up version of their BBQ … [Read more...]

Chicken Choker Wing Rub

WEEK OF WINGS IV - Day 6 - Dry Rubbed Wings With ribs, there are fans of the wet and sticky kind, and fans of the dry rubbed version. So it is with wings too... wet and saucy, or dry and spicy. This is our entry for our Week of Wings 4 with a dry rub, er... seasoning. Chicken Choker Wing … [Read more...]

A view of wings from a Pittsburgh blogger

WEEK OF WINGS IV - Day 5 - A Pittsburgh view... And now for something completely different. Our friend Scott Lindenhurst offered to write a post about wings from the viewpoint of a Pittsburgh sauce reviewer. Having never been to Pittsburgh, I was happy to read his thoughts about all things … [Read more...]

Spicy Garlic Coal Black Wings recipe

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 4 - Coal Black Garlic Wings These spicy, garlicky, black wings are first baked, then quickly deep fried to bring out their signature dark black color. Served with a drizzle of Sriracha sauce, they are the most unique wings we've made since the Salt and Vinegar wings. Amazingly … [Read more...]

Wy’s Wings Teriyaki and Asian Ambrosia sauces

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 3 - Wy's Wings Teriyaki and Asian Ambrosia Our Asian inspired entry this year, for our Week of Wings series, is from Wy's Wings, headquartered in Northern Virginia. On one wing we have a thick, dark, sweet and sticky Teriyaki sauce, and on the other, a sweet, slightly … [Read more...]

Bigfat’s 4o8 Jerk Style Hot Sauce on Wings

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 2 - Bigfat's 4o8 Jerk Style Hot Sauce Jerk or "jerked" style seasoning can come in many forms - a dry rub style (we like McCormick's Caribbean), a thick paste (Pickapeppa), or a pourable sauce. Next to buffalo style, jerk wings are my favorite wings to eat. Heck, I … [Read more...]

Eagle Wingz Chesapeake style hot sauce

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 1 - Eagle Wingz Chesapeake Style Hot Sauce We're kicking off our Week of Wings IV with a favorite local hot sauce from Eagle Wingz of Seaford, Delaware. With a "traditional" wing sauce flavor based on cayenne peppers, vinegar and salt, Eagle Wingz also brings to the table … [Read more...]

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