Delaware State Chicken Wing Championship results 2013

The Delaware State Chicken Wing Championship took place this past weekend in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware (10/26/2013). Marilyn and I were fortunate to be judges.

In the short video below (1:28), I’m basically panning around the area of the judges table and including some of the competitors. The huge crowds you see in the background are coming from the Annual Sea Witch Festival – a parade of sillyness that is somehow related to Halloween. 🙂

The Delaware State Chicken Wing Championship 2013

There were 17 different restaurants and hot sauce makers competing for best wings in the Delaware State Chicken Wing Championship. Each competed in up to 3 categories, although most bowed out of the final Best Presentation entry.

Marilyn and I sat among 12 other judges at a long table, that was smack dab in the middle of a main pedestrian path from the Avenue (Rehoboth Beach’s main drag) to the Boardwalk. To say it was crowded and hectic is an understatement.

Judging Table underway

photo: Melissa Pritt

The fourteen judges were given a verbal presentation from the entrant, wings were passed out, and our judging and scoring began. We awarded up to 30 points total for each entry. Based on the timing of submissions and number of contestants, we did not have a lot of time between each entry. Scribbling notes, tasting, and keeping up with the fast pace of the wings that were coming at us, we did the best we could to keep up.

It was frenetic fun, and the immense variety of wings we got to sample was amazing. Some of our favorites, off the top of my head, were, loaded potato skin wings, jalapeño popper stuffed wings, black cherry soda wings, parmesan crusted garlic wings and Mayan Chocolate wings. I’m so sorry I don’t have pictures of those incredible concoctions! (When your hands are covered in sauces and spices, and you’re writing notes, it’s hard to get pictures).

Here is our host and MC, Chip Hearn of, laying out the ground rules (there were no rules) and introducing the judges (3:45). Filmed from my vantage point about midway of the judges table, that is Marilyn directly in front of me, to my right was Steve Chambers, and to my left was Eric Grant.
The bloggers were assembled at one end, the radio media at the other, and in between were various other wing aficionados.

Next up, a short video of Johnny McLaughlin of explaining his “deconstructed wings” for the Best Presentation category. Those cubes used to be wings!

Here are the Winners in each category

Huge thanks to Georgia Leonhart, publicist, for filling in the blanks of all the winners here. Thank you Georgia!

700-Peppers Wing Event Sfd Bloody mary Peppers closeMR

The Best Wings Presentation:

1st PlaceBethany Blues Restaurant – popsicle style wings wrapped in bacon and topped with smoked jalapeños
2nd Place – for the “dragon” wings presentation – created by Chef Jared Martin
3rd Place – Heartbreaking Dawns’ Johnny McLaughlin for his deconstructed wing “cubes” with coconut garnish and sriracha style sauce
– 4th – The Starboard Restaurant, Dewey Beach
– 5th – Port Restaurant, Dewey Beach

The Most Unusual Wings:

1st Place – Heartbreaking Dawns – Johnny McLaughlin – Mayan Chocolate wings with Blue Cheese Ice Cream
2nd Place – Bethany Blues, Lewes – Chef Rich Nofi – Whiskey Apple Cider Fall Spice BBQ Wings
3rd PlaceRehoboth Ale House – Momma T’s Pesto Pollo Wings
– 4th – High River Sauces – Steve Seabury – Mothra Wings
– 5th – Obis One – Black Garlic wings

The Best Wings:

1st Place – Port Restaurant, Dewey Beach, Delaware – Sweet Chili Wings with Mango Habanero
2nd Place – – Chef Jared Martin – Improv wings – BBQ, mustard, garlic
3rd PlaceKick n’ Chicken – Chef Scott Saucier – Tazmanian Wings –
– 4th – Rehoboth Ale House – Chef Jodi Sowersby – Garlic Butter Parmesan Wings
– 5th – Rehoboth Seafood Market – Chef Brock Hutchison – Tequila Chipotle Lime Wings

The Overall Delaware State Champion Winners are:

1st Place – Bethany Blues Restaurant – Bethany Beach, Delaware
2nd Place –
3rd Place – Heartbreaking Dawns
– 4th – Rehoboth Ale House
– 5th – Rehoboth Seafood Market

Pics from the Delaware State Chicken Wing Championship 2013

Click a pic for gallery viewing goodness…

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Bowers Chile Pepper Festival 2013 Video

Bowers Chile Pepper Festival is our favorite East Coast event. Nestled in a beautiful park, it ranks among the most prolific and successful chilehead gatherings of all.


Bowers PA Chile Pepper Festival

Midway between Reading and Allentown PA, and just outside of the college town of Kutztown, the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival is second to none. Featuring a nearby farm with acres of fresh chile peppers that are yours for the picking, there is a small wooded park just full of hot sauce makers plying their hot sauce creations to light you up and bring you joy.

Here is a video I shot in the hopes of bringing you a “taste” of what this festival is all about. It was shot with an iPhone 4s mounted on a hand-held Steadicam device.

The concept was to take you thru the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival (a two day event) in about 10 minutes. I’m not the greatest video editor in the world, but I had fun playing with it, and I hope you enjoy it.

We also posted some nice pics of the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival here.

Hopefully, you can make it to Bowers PA next year for the festival. It really is the best, and all the vendors swear that they sell tons of product at this event. Next to the NYC Hot Sauce Expo, which had its debut last year, this may make up the two most popular and attended events on the East Coast.

And if you’ve ever been to Bowers, please leave a Comment below and tell us.

New iBurn Store Grand Opening in Houston

Houston TX hot sauce shop has grand opening this weekend, Oct 5th 2013. Complete with an “Adults Only” back room, the iBurn Store has everything Houstonians need for their hot sauce needs.

New iBurn Store Grand Opening in Houston -

Houston… we have a hot sauce store – iBurn Grand Opening

If you are lucky enough to live in the Houston TX area, you now have a hot sauce superstore at your disposal! If not, you can shop online at the link below.
Congrats to James Wreck and Amy Beck on their new storefront.

You can shop online at

Sriracha Documentary update – Trip to Thailand video

Sriracha – A Documentary by Griffin Hammond just wrapped up a trip to Thailand for some filming. Funded on Kickstarter, Griffin’s efforts raised over $21,000 dollars to help make this landmark documentary about America’s favorite Thai hot sauce.


The Sriracha Documentary goes to Thailand for filming

Check out this short video Griffin made of his recent trip to Thailand to get some footage for his Sriracha documentary.

The story of Sriracha

It’s been named “Ingredient of the Year” by Bon Appetit, “best-tasting hot sauce,” according to Cooks Illustrated, and in 2012, Huy Fong Foods sold 20 million bottles of Sriracha! That’s 100 million pounds of chiles!

But even with its cult following—recipes, t-shirts, tattoos—most fans don’t know the origin story of this Thai flavor, or recognize David Tran, the man responsible for popularizing Sriracha in the U.S.

David Tran of Huy Fong Sriracha

David Tran, founder of Huy Fong Foods, fled Vietnam as a refugee in 1978. After 30 years of producing Sriracha chili sauce in Los Angeles, he’s altered the history of American cuisine.

This short documentary (approximately 30 minutes) finally reveals the story of Sriracha—where it comes from, how it’s made, and the people who love it.

70,000 bottles made each day at Huy Fong Foods

Over 70,000 bottles of Sriracha are made each day at Huy Fong Foods in California.

About the film: It’s an anthem for Sriracha lovers! Detailing the fascinating origins of this beloved hot sauce, and the people who love it.

“This is the most monumental, important and exciting piece of food news you will read today.”— Chicagoist

“There’s Going To Be A Sriracha Movie!”— The Huffington Post

Randy Clemens and Jet Tila

Featured in the film: Randy Clemens, author of “The Sriracha Cookbook,” and chef Jet Tila, Thai Culinary Ambassador to America.

Follow the film: | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest

Stay tuned to for updates about the film and when it will be released.

And please join us in the Sriracha Community on Google+, where we talk about all things Sriracha.

Video tour of the new retail store is the granddaddy of hot sauce shops, holding a Guinness Record for the World’s Largest Collection of Hot Sauces, as well as being a premier online hot sauce shopping experience. We’re fortunate to live within a short drive of Chip Hearn’s store and are excited to have an exclusive first look at the new Peppers store and warehouse.

A big thanks to Chip Hearn and staff for the warm welcome.

Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister Fame and his new Cherry Habanero hot sauce – video

We had a blast hanging out with Eddie Ojeda of Twisted Sister fame, while he was demo-ing his new Ojeda’s Cherry Habanero hot sauce.

Filmed at‘s new store, Eddie is joined by John Rizzotti of Rippin’ Red hot sauces, where John cooked up 3 different batches of wings, some pulled pork with Eddie’s new sauce, and a ropa vieja dish featuring his new Forbidden Angel hot sauce.

Some pics of the day. Click on any for a larger view.

You can order Ojeda’s Cherry Habanero Hot Sauce at

And check out Rippin’ Red sauces at

Pork in the Park 2012 Day 1 Video The Midway

Pork in the Park is actually 2 large events in one. There’s the KCBS sanctioned barbecue competition, and then there’s the large, family oriented Midway area. It’s almost like a State Fair, in that there are tons of food vendors, craft tables and booths, games of chance and rides for kids, and a center stage with live entertainment playing all day and evening.

I arrived just as they finished cutting the ribbon for the opening ceremony. Folks started pouring in almost immediately. You’ll see in the video below, I took a quick stroll around the Midway, meeting up with our friends Todd and Jo Dooms of Doomers Q Sauce (I bought 4 bottles), and John Layton of Red Brothers BBQ Sauce.

After entering the competition area, all of the teams and competitors were in the Judges tent for their final meeting and instructions. I didn’t think a bunch of pics of empty booths would be much fun to look at, so I hung out with Huck Sr of while charging my iPhone and working on the video you see here.

A big surprise to many, was that BBQ Pitmasters were on site to film an episode of the wildly successful Discovery/TLC show!

bbq pitmasters bus

BBQ Pitmasters Show on site

Darkness came pretty quick, the crowds at the Midway were heavy and having fun. Stay tuned for more pictures from Day 2.

pond fire pits

Fire pits in the pond at Pork in the Park

Captain Thom at Fiery Foods Show 2011

Captain Thom sits in with James Beck of, live from Albuquerque and the Fiery Foods Show.

James recorded interviews with about 16 other exhibitors throughout the weekend of the show. You can view the entire list of videos here, or visit his page.

We’ve reviewed Captain Thom’s Jerk Spice and Thai Monkey Sauce on wings as well as his famous Bacon Ketchup.