Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Dizzy Dust rub and Patter Fam Jerk Sauce

After consuming more wings in one weekend than anyone should in their lifetime, at Peppers at the Beach, we really wanted something different off the grill for dinner.

Crusty pork tenderloin

Crusty pork tenderloin

So we went with the extremely easy and versatile pork tenderloin. Featuring a heavy dose of Dizzy Pig’s Dizzy Dust rub, our tenderloin grilled up perfectly with a beautiful crust and was served with a quick Pineapple Salsa. The next night, leftovers were sliced medallions of the tenderloin with Patter Fam’s Jamaican Jerk Sauce for dipping, along with buttery mashed potatoes.

Leftovers with mashed potatoes and jerk sauce

Leftovers with mashed potatoes and jerk sauce

“rub the heck out of it, and grill it…” ~ Shane Draper

The pork tenderloin is such a forgiving and versatile cut of meat – lending itself to marinating (think of your favorite italian dressing, or jerk sauce), rubbing (in this case with Dizzy Dust, or your favorite homemade or commercial rubs – slathered with mustard first, if you like that technique), coated with a fresh ginger and orange marmalade jam, or even brined or injected with a favorite vinegar/juice combo (that’s tenderloin 201 – advanced). Oh. And there’s jerked pork tenderloin… one of my favorites. More on that later.

Marilyn was hanging out online with Shane Draper of Drapers BBQ, and I was looking at a blank canvas of the pork tenderloin, having already decided NOT to marinate it earlier. I asked her to ask Shane for ideas. He said, “rub the heck out of it, and grill it like a long pork chop. Rolling every few minutes to get a nice crust.” Thanks Shane. That’s exactly what we did. It was awesome.

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Draper’s BBQ Launches New Beef Rub – Moo’d Enhancer

Big News in the World of Barbecue

This is BIG news in the world of Barbecue. Draper’s BBQ has just launched his newest rub for beef – Moo’d Enhancer. Building on the success of his DBQ Smokin’ Sauce and A.P. Rub, Shane Draper has done it once again, and created what may be the de facto beef rub for brisket, burgers, beef ribs and all things that used to “Moo”. Yes, Moo’d Enhancer (Bovine Enhancement Powder) has been created solely for enhancing your beef cookouts.

Draper's BBQ Moo'd Enhancer Rub

Draper's BBQ Moo'd Enhancer Rub & Smokin' Sauce

While Moo’d Enhancer got its start as a brisket rub, it morphed numerous times in development towards an overall spicy and almost “umami” flavor profile that lends itself to a much broader use. It will be just as useful and welcome in the home cook’s pantry as well as a strong contender for space in the competition cook’s arsenal.

And to emphasize that last fact, I’ve enlisted the help of an award-winning KCBS Competition team owner, our friend Kit Rudd of Degüello BBQ, to offer his opinions, as a professional BBQ competitor on this remarkable new rub. What follows is my review as a backyard griller, and Kit’s review as a KCBS competitor.

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Texas Tamale Company Casa Salsa Review

It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed a jarred salsa. The Texas Tamale Company and Brazos Legends sent us this jar of Casa Salsa for review, and while I’m not sure who or which company is making this stuff, I enjoyed eating it and writing this review.

Texas Tamale Casa Salsa

Texas Tamale Casa Salsa jar with chip

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Flaming Joes Mild Caribbean Jerk Sauce Review

We have had Flaming Joe’s Jerk Sauce several times over the past year or so, but we were always focused on enjoying the food, but then we finally realized we hadn’t written a review! It’s time to make things right and give Flaming Joe’s Mild Caribbean Jerk Sauce the credit it deserves.

Flaming Joe’s is a multi-award winning company from Geneva, Illinois whose slogan is “Flavor that plays with fire!” Besides the “mild” Caribbean Jerk Sauce reviewed here, they offer a “Hot” version, along with their Island Fire Tropical Fruit & Habanero Marmalade as well as their Strawberry Jalapeño Jam and Hot Buffalo Dust.

Ingredients: key lime juice, soybean oil, soy sauce, green onion, Worcestershire sauce, ginger, habanero pepper, brown sugar, garlic, cilantro, chili powder, spices, xanthan gum, guar gum, sodium alginate

Texture & Appearance: This is a very thick, beautiful sauce. There is no separation when you pour it out on a dish, and the dark color contains bits of herbs that fill out the sauce.

Flaming Joe's Mild Jerk Sauce in dish

Nice thick sauce. The Mild Jerk is delicious!

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Hot Wachula Salsas: Peach and Black Bean and Corn Reviews

Our Guest review today is from Kevin Sandridge of The

“It’s a great pleasure to offer up this guest post for HotSauceDaily, and I want to thank Brian and Marilyn for giving me a chance to share a couple of my favorite salsas with you.”

Hot Wachula’s Peach and Black Bean and Corn Salsas

These products are made by Mr. Matt Barber, owner of the Hot Wachula’s Hot Sauce and Bottling Company out of Polk County, FL. I first met him at a Florida Bar-B-Que Association cook off event in Davenport, FL, where Matt regularly wins Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion honors. At present, Matt holds the number #5 spot among top Florida BBQ teams. He’s done this with perhaps the most broken down vertical BBQ smoker you’ve ever seen, but his recent signing with Backwoods Smokers as their Florida distributor has him styling and profiling with a shiny new model.
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Todd’s Crabby DIRT Wins Silver Sofi Award

Our good friends over at submitted this awesome announcement for us to post. Seems they’ve won a prestigious Silver Sofi Award! Sofi stands for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation.

Sofi case with Crabby and Picture

Silver Sofi Award for Todd's Crabby DIRT

“We are pleased to announce that Todd’s DIRT Seasonings has been awarded one of the highest awards in the Speciality Food Industry. Our Crabby DIRT was awarded a 2011 Silver Sofi award from the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT).

We won the award in the Cooking Sauce or Flavor Enhancer category. This is one of the toughest categories, because the category includes all sauces, marinades, hot sauces, spices, seasonings, rubs, olive oils and vinegars. There were over 1700 products that were sent in for judging and Crabby DIRT was one of six products picked. We also found out that our other two seasonings, the Original DIRT and the Bayou DIRT were very close to being awarded.

We are very proud of this award, because the Sofi is like winning the Oscar in the Speciality Food Industry.

Todd the Dirt Man and Sofi Dude

Todd the DIRT Man and Sofi Dude

We also found out that President Obama uses Crabby DIRT on his French Fries in the White House. One of the Chef’s came by and let us know how much he loves our DIRT’s and uses them at the White House.”

“Remember, It is always a good time to get DIRTY!!!”

“The DIRT Man”

Video: About the Sofi Awards:


Congratulations to Todd and his awesome Crabby DIRT Seasoning!

Guy Fieri Original Salsa Old Skool Review

Second in our series of the Guy Fieri Salsa line-up is his Original Salsa Old Skool– “his go-to signature salsa, full of big tomato flavor, cilantro and zesty lime with a touch of hot pasilla pepper… it’s off da hook!


Ingredients: tomato puree (tomato paste, water), tomatoes, red bell pepper, red onion, yellow onion, canola oil, sea salt, garlic, cilantro, pasilla pepper, lime juice, jalapeno pepper, spices
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Guy Fieri Salsa Verde Green & Mean Review


Our first review of the new line of Guy Fieri Salsas spotlights the mildest version – Salsa Verde Green & Mean. “… fire roasted poblano and green peppers and backin’ it up with zesty lime and a pinch of cumin. This salsa is so ‘money’ it’s green!

Texture & Appearance:Rated 4 out of 5 Stars – True to its name, this salsa has a pleasant mellow green color, not the bright neon that other artificially colored salsa verdes have. I like the texture created by uniformly diced pieces of onions and peppers. The base sauce has a smooth consistency, kind of slick and almost gravy-like, which is my least favorite aspect of the salsa. This is probably from the vegetable stock which contains cornstarch.

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