Ep 02 – Bald Eagle Foods

Mark Roelse of Bald Eagle Foods

Episode 02 – we interview Mark Roelse of Bald Eagle Foods. Mark talks about his Buck in Rut Extreme Horseradish and his many other bbq sauces, hot sauces, and his Wisconsin sausages.

Bald Eagle Foods is a small batch manufacturer focusing on quality and flavor.

In the News:

We discuss a couple of hot wings stories in the news, and a new sauce called Holy Jolokia launched by CaJohn and the New Mexico State University.

Wing Zone Inducted into Buffalo Wing Hall of Flame
Chain Leader
Wing Zone also earned third place honors for its Hot sauce – finishing ahead of 31 chicken wing chains across the country.

Worst wings: Anchor Bar
University at Buffalo The Spectrum
But for those of us that prefer quality wings drenched in hot sauce that aren’t small and overpriced, then steer clear of Anchor Bar.

Holy Jolokia
Holy Jolokia sauce packs heat, flavor
Silver City Sun News
The Chile Pepper Institute at New Mexico State University and CaJohn’s Fiery Foods have joined forces to create Holy Jolokia hot sauce made from the Bhut Jolokia or Ghost Pepper.


Ep 01 – BluesBBQ

Steve Burnham of Blues BBQ

In our first episode of HotSauceWeekly, we interview Steve Burnham of BluesBBQ.net, creator of BluesBBQ Carolina Pepper Sauce and BluesBBQ Habanero Reserve hot sauce.

Note: This is the only episode where we call it the HotSauceDaily Podcast. Beginning with Ep02, it will be called HotSauceWeekly.


Episode 01- BluesBBQ on the HotSauceDaily Podcast

The debut of the HotSauceDaily Podcast

Episode 01 – We interview Steve Burnham of BluesBBQ.net.
Steve has created some great hot sauces, including Carolina Pepper Sauce and Habanero Reserve.

Download Episode 01 – BluesBBQ or listen now with this player.

Check out our first episode of the first podcast about hot sauce!

Update! (10/02/2009) :

The next episode will be pre-recorded and not “live”. I’m going to go with a traditional podcast in order to bring you the best in audio and content quality. TalkShoe.com does not offer the quality of audio that I want to provide.

I will post a link to the next episode here on HotSauceDaily.com so stay tuned!

If you would like to be a guest and promote your hot sauce, please email me at [email protected].
See you next time!

World’s First Hot Sauce Podcast Launches

Interview Style Podcast about Hot Sauces

HotSauceWeekly is the world’s first podcast dedicated to hot sauce, fiery foods, barbecue and all things hot and spicy. An interview style show where each week, your host Brian Meagher from HotSauceDaily.com and co-host Randy Combs will talk with hot sauce inventors and manufacturers, barbecue sauce creators, chileheads and bloggers and hot sauce lovin’ people like you.

We’ll talk about salsas, condiments, chile the pepper and chili the food.

News segments will feature what’s new in the world of hot, spicy, fiery foods.

Published weekly, HotSauceWeekly will run about 20-30 minutes.

Listen to each episode on this site, or Subscribe to the podcast feed here.

We’re also in iTunes here.

Food Podcasts That Get Me Through the Day

Here’s a list of Food Podcasts I listen to daily/weekly. I’m lucky to be able to listen to many hours of podcasts on my job, so here’s a list of the food related podcasts I enjoy. I also listen to tech podcasts and a few comedy podcasts. I’ll list them in a later post.  If you know of any good food podcasts missing from this list, please click here and let me know about them!

All You Can Eat

Website: http://www.dongenova.com/shows_podcast.html

RSS Audio Feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/allyoucaneat

APM: The Splendid Table

Website: http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/

RSS Audio Feed: http://americanpublicmedia.publicradio.org/podcasts/xml/splendid_table/kitchen_questions.xml

Barbecue Secrets

Website: http://www.barbecuesecrets.libsyn.com/

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.barbecuesecrets.libsyn.com/rss

The BBQ Central Show on LA Talk Radio

Website: http://www.latalkradio.com/Greg.php

RSS Audio Feed: http://www.bbq-4-u.com/bbstalkradioshow.xml
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