Episode 02- Bald Eagle Foods on HotSauceWeekly Podcast

Bald Eagle Foods on HotSauceWeekly Yes, we’ve renamed the podcast to HotSauceWeekly and in episode 02, we interview Mark Roelse of BaldEagleFoods. There’s also a news segment that we hope to bring you each week on the podcast. Visit HotSauceWeekly.com for current and future shows. Links to subscribe are there as well.

Ep 01 – BluesBBQ

Steve Burnham of Blues BBQ In our first episode of HotSauceWeekly, we interview Steve Burnham of BluesBBQ.net, creator of BluesBBQ Carolina Pepper Sauce and BluesBBQ Habanero Reserve hot sauce. Note: This is the only episode where we call it the HotSauceDaily Podcast. Beginning with Ep02, it will be called HotSauceWeekly. [powerpress]

Episode 01- BluesBBQ on the HotSauceDaily Podcast

The debut of the HotSauceDaily Podcast Episode 01 – We interview Steve Burnham of BluesBBQ.net. Steve has created some great hot sauces, including Carolina Pepper Sauce and Habanero Reserve. Download Episode 01 – BluesBBQ or listen now with this player. Check out our first episode of the first podcast about hot sauce! Update! (10/02/2009) :…

World’s First Hot Sauce Podcast Launches

Interview Style Podcast about Hot Sauces HotSauceWeekly is the world’s first podcast dedicated to hot sauce, fiery foods, barbecue and all things hot and spicy. An interview style show where each week, your host Brian Meagher from HotSauceDaily.com and co-host Randy Combs will talk with hot sauce inventors and manufacturers, barbecue sauce creators, chileheads and…