New WUJU Hot Sauces

WUJU Hot Sauce just launched

With 16 all natural ingredients, come find your new favorite hot sauce you can use from sunrise to sunset – for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


This mustard based hot sauce starts out sweet then brings a big hit of curry before the heat comes in.

And now, until March 30, 2016 you can save 20% off of 2 bottles or more. I recommend the Extra Hot and Original versions.

Larry Wu wanted to create the Dijon Mustard to the Ketchup in the hot sauce world. Something that would change the world of hot sauce forever… he set out to develop a mustard-based hot sauce with a sweet side, blending ingredients like agave nectar, mango, curry, and Thai inspired spices & flavors.

Save 20% off 2 bottles by using this link:

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New Born to Hula Smokehaus products

The newest items from Born to Hula are Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce and Smokehaus Salsa.

New Smokehaus Blend featured in Born to Hula products

born to hula smokehaus hot sauce salsa

Born to Hula has created it’s own Smokehaus Blend – “An award winning recipe consisting of Tomatoes, Chipotle Chilies, Garlic and Spices” that forms the base of their newest hot sauce and salsa products.

Smokehaus Blues Hot Sauce brings chipotles, garlic, spices, and a smoky flavor to their lineup of sauces.

We captured the essence of a simpler time with smokey and zesty flavors! BTH’s Smokehaus Blues is similar to a BBQ sauce but not limited to it – truly a backyard grill master’s dream come true!

Smokehaus Salsa is made with Fire Roasted Tomato, Vidalia Onion, Chipotle and spices. Also made with their new Smokehaus Blend.

This is a sure fire way to spice up any party!

Visit for these and other great sauces.

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Consumers Rate New ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce #1

New blend of Mexican spices, sea salt and sautéed garlic adds a unique, spicy flavor

Sabor (¡Sabor!) by Texas Pete – Mexican-style Hot Sauce

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Answering consumer demand for spicy, flavorful condiments, TW Garner Food Co. has launched new ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® Mexican-Style Hot Sauce. The launch comes after consumer taste tests found the new hot sauce superior in flavor and aroma compared to leading Mexican-style hot sauces.

¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® offers a uniquely bold and balanced combination of Mexican spices, sea salt, sautéed garlic and aged peppers that is ideal for any meal or cuisine. The word “sabor,” in the Spanish language, means “flavor”—and thus, the new hot sauce is aptly named.

“The growth in demand for spicier foods and consumer requests for a hot sauce inspired by Mexican flavors were behind the development of our latest innovation,” said Ann Riddle, Chief Executive Officer for TW Garner. “¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® is one of the best flavors we have ever created. I look forward to sharing it with those who are ready for a new flavor among hot sauces.”

Steve DeCorte, Executive Vice President of Sales for TW Garner, added, “¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® includes premium ingredients that have been crafted to make any meal taste even better—and Mexican foods taste extraordinary. In an independent consumer taste test, ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® was the most favored hot sauce out of all four brands of Mexican-style hot sauces tested.”

The innovative, easy-pour opening on five-ounce bottles of ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® makes adding the sauce to any dish easy. The distinctive label and yellow cap emblazoned with a bold logo also make it easy to find the new hot sauce on supermarket shelves nationwide.

“The Texas Pete® brand has been a signature of quality and flavor for nearly 90 years,” said Glenn Garner, the company’s Chief Marketing Officer from the team. “That is why it was important to let loyal customers of our brand know that ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® is now part of the Texas Pete® family of outstanding sauces.”

The company leveraged its brand in the wake of its highly successful launch of CHA! by Texas Pete® Sriracha Sauce in 2014, which continues to grow in sales and preference by consumers.

You can expect to see ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® appear on the shelves of your favorite supermarket in the coming weeks and months, as distribution of the new hot sauce is currently under way.

For more information on ¡Sabor! by Texas Pete® and other great sauces, visit

About TW Garner Food Company (

Headquartered in Winston-Salem, N.C., TW Garner Food Company is famous for its Texas Pete® Hot Sauce, the number three brand of hot sauce in the U.S. Founded in 1929 as a maker of barbecue sauce, the company now sells a full line of hot sauces, wing sauces and seafood sauces under the Texas Pete® brand, as well as salsa and tortilla strips under the Green Mountain Gringo® brand. TW Garner products are sold in supermarkets, military commissaries, convenience stores and restaurants throughout the U.S.

SOURCE TW Garner Food Company

Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Final Ballot 2016

The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame 2016 Final Ballot Announcement


The Hot Sauce Hall of Fame is back and commissioner Steve Seabury of High River Sauces will conduct the induction ceremony live at the 4th annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn, NY on April 23rd at 2 PM. This year the Hall of Fame will induct 5 people who have been very instrumental in the Hot Sauce industry. The inducted class of 2016 will receive a distinctive Red Jacket, Hall of Fame Ring and will be enshrined legendary of honors into the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame.

To be eligible for the nominating or voting process, a person must operate within the fiery foods industry for a minimum of 3 years. These people also known as the Selection Committee, consists of hot sauce companies, retailers, distributors, exporters, chile pepper growers, media and restaurateurs who specialize if spicy foods and hot sauce. The Selection Committee will be polled by email from the Hall of Fame’s Senators Board in which the board will eventually narrow the Selection Committee’s ballots down to the final list to 10.

After months of debating and voting from the  Selection Committee, the committee have narrowed down their final nominations to some of the biggest and brightest names in the industry.

The Final Ballot Nominations:

Alvin Baumer – Crystal Hot Sauce: Started in 1923, Crystals has become a Louisiana institution and is one of the fastest growing condiment manufacturers in the country with over 4.5 million gallons of hot sauce each year.

Blair Lazar – Blair’s: Heating up over 31 countries, printed in six languages, and Guinness World Record certified with the hottest product created, Blair’s passion for peppers is ever present. It is what fuels the fiery phenomena that’s called the Death Sauce.

David Ashley – Mad Dog: Owner of Ashley Foods. David has been creating hot sauce for well over 20 plus years and was one of the first to sell extract sauces with his 357 Mad Dog Hot Sauce.

Dave Lutes – Hot Shots Distribution: Founder of Hot Shots Distribution. One of the original hot sauce distributors and one of the biggest. Still operating for almost 20 years.

David Tran – Huy Fong Foods (Sriracha Sauce): Started in 1980 and has grown to be the leader in Asian Hot Sauce with his Sriracha Sauce also known to hot sauce fans as the “Rooster Sauce”.

Jacob Frank – Founder of Franks Red Hot. The first bottle was produced in 1920 and later became the secret ingredient for the Buffalo Wings in Buffalo, NY. “I Put That $#!t on Everything!”

Jose-Luis Saavedra, Sr. – Tapatio Salsa Picante Hot Sauce: Started in 1971 in Vernon, CA. Celebrating 45 years of making in 2016 it has now grown into one of the biggest family owned hot sauce companies in the country. It’s a sauce that’s…very saucy!

Marie Sharp – Marie Sharp’s & the Original Melinda’s: Owner Marie Sharp’s Fine Foods Ltd. – Started making sauce in the early 80’s and actually was the creator of Melinda’s sauces. Her sauce is the quintessential Central American hot sauce awesome flavor and great heat!

Sam Garner – Texas Pete: This hot sauce was introduced to the world in 1929 and is now the 3rd largest selling hot sauce in the country.

Si Brown – Louisiana Brand Hot Sauce: Founded in New Iberia, Louisiana in 1928. The brand now features the word, “Original” in its name along with the famous Red Dot. The hot sauce is known for being full of flavor without an overwhelming amount of heat.

How You Can Vote

If you meet the above requirement of having operated in some capacity on the fiery foods industry for at least three years, then you can download and fill out the ballot below, available in PDF format:



Download PDF Ballot




There are two ways to vote:


1. Right click on the link above and save to your computer.
2. Fill out all fields electronically and select the five nominees you feel most deserve to be in the first year class of the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame
3. Email ballot to Steve Seabury:  [email protected]

Postal Mail

1. Right click on either link above and save to your computer.
2. Print out form and fill out all fields and select the five nominees you feel most deserve to be in the first year class of the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame
3. Mail printed out ballot to the address below:

High River Entertainment
24 Saber Drive
Kings Park, NY 11754

All Ballots Must Arrive By March 15th 2016!

For more info on the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame please visit the NYC Hot Sauce Expo Website:


Top Products from 2015

Top products reviewed in 2015

We picked out 8 of our favorite products from our 2015 reviews.

In alphabetical order they are:

Geddes Farms Ghost Pepper Honey

Served up in a classic honey jar, this 16 ounce bottle of liquid gold combines the purest honey with the fiery heat of the Ghost Pepper.

Island Sauce Datil Pepper Sauce

We love the Datil Pepper sauce profile, and Island Sauce Company’s version is packed full of the Datil pepper flavor. It’s also very unique in that it’s a very thin sauce – almost like a glaze.

Louisiana Brand Wing Kit

We kicked off our 6th Annual Week of Wings series with the Louisiana Brand Wing Kit – featuring Louisiana Brand Chicken Wing Seasoning and Louisiana Brand Original Wing Sauce. From our Week of Wings 6 – Day 1

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Brown Label

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce’s newest offering called Brown Label also has the amusingly long name of “Ridiculously Tasty Mustard Chipotle Hot Sauce”.

Men Paw Gourmet Hot Sauce

It turns out that this sauce is amazing. Amazingly delicious that is. Yes, it’s heavy on the oil content, but that is what makes it so unique for a hot sauce.

Moe Mountain Hot Sauce

Made with a blend of natural ingredients like apple cider vinegar, cumin and cocoa powder, and coupled with the famous Bhut Jolokia Pepper (Ghost Pepper), Moe Mountain Hot Sauce brings its own unique flavor to the hot sauce world.

Sweet & Spicy Alaskan Umami Sauce

Sweet & Spicy Alaskan Umami Sauce is a super thick and sticky sweet sauce. One of the most unusual sauces we’ve had lately, it doesn’t just pour out of the bottle – you need a knife or spoon to ladle it out.

Ugly Baby Sweet Hot Sauce

Two or 3 spoonfuls and 4 tacos later, I was wowed. This is a delicious sauce …

Bonus Links! Two more very unique products from 2015!

The Vortex indirect Grilling ring

Designed for use in any Kettle or Kamado style grill, the Vortex makes grilling super crispy wings easy.

FuegoBox Hot Sauce of the Month Club is a premier “Hot Sauce of the Month” service. Each box is filled with gourmet hot sauces.

Our Favorite Crab Cake Recipe

Finally, we must share our favorite crab cake recipe – the slider version:

Crab Cake Sliders recipe

“…serve them as a dozen sliders with a full sleeve of Saltine crackers – along with a bottle of hot sauce and a roll of paper towels.”

Be sure to check out our favorites from previous years:

Thanks for reading!

Spicy Super Holiday Sale 2015


The big sale is back, and we will update it as we get new additions to our listings. It usually grows as we get closer to the holiday, so if you are shopping or curious of what will be offered, then keep coming back.
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Made with Love is offering FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $75.00 of our “World Champion Wing Sauce” “Alaskan Umami Sauce”, it comes in Mild, Hot & Extra Hot and is good on just about everything!
We also have a Mandarin & Sesame Vinaigrette and Marinade that is heavenly on seafood, good with chicken & salads. Our products are made with high quality, all natural ingredients, soy free and gluten free.

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The Ultimate TG’s Variety Pack includes 1 of each :
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Defcon Wing Sauces sweep the Mi Mi Awards

For the first time in history, Defcon Wing Sauces has SWEPT the competition at the 2015 Screaming Mi Mi Awards for Wing Sauces!

defcon wing sauce sweeps 2015 screaming mi mi awards

Defcon Sauces are offering up a set OF ALL THREE award winning wing sauces for only $18!

What sets these Awards apart is the fact that the judges are a true who’s who in the culinary world. From The Food Network, Bon Appetit Magazine, Food TV, The Rachel Ray Show, etc… It’s not just a “Man off the street contest”.

The set includes the following:

defcon wing sauce trio

One 8-ounce bottle Defense Condition #2 (Medium),
1st Place Winner

One 8-ounce bottle Defense Condition #1 (Hot),
2nd Place Winner (1st in 2014)

One 12-ounce bottle Cluckwing Orange (Extra Hot),
3rd Place Winner

This is a great deal!


Just go to

and grab yourself some bottled perfection, your taste buds will thank you!

defcon wing sauce

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Photos from NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2015

Here’s a slideshow collection of photos Marilyn took while at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo in Brooklyn, NY on April 25th.
[Read more…]