B More Nutz Nutterz Review

We recently opened a few bags of B More Nutz potato chip coated peanuts called Nutterz to bring you this review of a great spicy snack. Dick Taylor, founder and president of B More Nutz (outside Baltimore, or Bawlmer, hon), has brought an amazing new food concept to the USA. Inspired by the … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2011

A Roundup of all of our content about the world of Hot Sauce, BBQ, and Spicy Foods We launched this blog over 3 years ago on April 15th, 2007. Our first review was about a GREAT sauce from Malaysia: Lingham's Hot Sauce with Ginger and Garlic - still a perennial favorite to this … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas 2011

Thank you for visiting us here at Hot Sauce Daily. You can click here to subscribe to all of our new posts - sent to your email or favorite rss reader. Check out some of our most popular posts: Mega's Famous Taco Seasoning Recipe Hot Sriracha Garlic Wings Recipe Chorizo Stuffed Bacon … [Read more...]

The Sriracha Cookbook Author Randy Clemens

The Sriracha Cookbook - 50 Rooster Sauce Recipes That Pack a Punch The newest and most unique Sriracha Sauce cookbook is about to hit the shelves, and the author Randy Clemens himself has written a guest blog post for us. Read on... Hi. My name is Randy Clemens, and I am a Sriracha-holic. Back … [Read more...]

Guest Blog Posts Welcome on Hot Sauce Daily

Would you like to write a post for Hot Sauce Daily? We welcome any readers or writers to contribute a Guest Post here on Hot Sauce Daily. I know some of you are blogging and writing on other sites, and some of you have thought about sharing your stories, but have been shy to jump in and do … [Read more...]

Texas Firecrackers: A Snack Review

TexasFood.com is a great site for tons of wonderful sauces, salsas and snacks that are made in Texas. This site belongs to Jason Russo, who sent us some products to review. In addition to my current favorite hot sauce, Javelina Red Sauce, reviewed here, he sent us a tub of Texas … [Read more...]

Refrigerate After Opening:
Three Words I Hate

Refrigerate After Opening - three words I hate to see on bottles of sauces. Really? Have you seen my 'fridge photos? I just don't have the room in there with all the pickles, mustards, and BBQ concoctions. And that photo is AFTER cleaning out the 'fridge door! I much prefer the sauces … [Read more...]

Review of TexasFood
Marketplace for
Texas Made Foods

A Marketplace for Texas made foods TexasFood.com is a marketplace for Texas made foods. Browse hundreds of authentic Texas-made sauces, salsa, spices, rubs, appetizers and much, much, more. Jason Russo, owner of TexasFood.com sent me a nice package of 3 sauces to review. This included a Texas … [Read more...]

Clean Out Fridge Means Goodbye Old Friends

It's hard to throw out old sauces We cleaned out the fridge to make room for any new sauces that we'd be opening soon, and found bottles of stuff that was over 6 years old. There was even a bottle of smoked, dried tomatoes in olive oil that was at least 7 years old. It's sad to part with some of … [Read more...]

The 6 Least Annoying Food Network Stars

Food Network Stars - A Love/Hate Thing Amber Ambrose posted the 6 Most Annoying Food Network Stars over at DailyFork.com recently. I was inspired by a commenter (Stone) that challenged the author: Try to find 6 Food Network stars that *aren't* annoying. I know it's hard work and all... but come … [Read more...]

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