Bowers Chile Pepper Festival 2011 in Pictures

Our second trip to Bowers, Pennsylvania for the 16th Annual Chile Pepper Festival was a blast. While one half of our team was not feeling well, we still had a good time, got to meet and talk with many hot sauce makers, and get some really good pics for you to enjoy. While we were not able to set up our “bloggers booth” as we had hoped, we still feel lucky that we were able to get around and talk with the vendors, manufacturers, and guests.

If you haven’t already, please check out our AUDIO podcast/wrapup of the event at our page.

What follows are some of the many pics we took at the show. I’m sorry for the late posting of these, but I’m trying a new software/slideshow plugin, and it was SO tedious getting the pics and descriptions in place. Click on any pic to get a larger view.

And now, onto the slideshow. Click on any pic for larger view.

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  1. I was there on Saturday, Had a great time as usual. Must’ve been my 8th time? Maybe more. I got to talk with John of CaJohn’s, hang with Jeff and Joann at Chile Spot, with my pal Chip at Red Lion and I did a lot of testing and shopping – Why’s Wings Sauces, Bigfat’s, CaJohn’s, Chile Spot, Red Lion Spicy Foods, and many others. I finally got my hands, and mouth, on some of Brenda’s candies and especially the Chocolate Covered Jalapenos. The spicy Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate Non-Pareils are amazing. I’ll be coming back for more of those.

    I ate some Shrimp Tacos and Chicken Wings from Schultz Catering. And I tasted a lot of salsas, sauces and other things along the way.

    Glad that the weather held out. I went to the fields and picked my share of chiles. Bought some tomatoes at Meadow View Farms table, some Hatch green chiles at SW Chile, and some Green Chile Powder and Red Chile Powder from Dona. So I was thrilled. Wish I could’ve stayed for the Jalapeno Eating Contest and for dinner at the Bowers Hotel. Maybe next year…

    Thanks for the great pictures.

    1. Thank you Risa for the nice report! Sounds like you had a great time, scored some goodies and got to hang with some big dogs of the Hot Sauce World. 🙂

      Hope you stop by here again real soon!


  2. I totally hear you on assembling photo slide shows, they can be a real drag. Despite the flooding it looks like it was a well attended event with lots of great vendors on hand.

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