Bigfat’s 4o8 Jerk Style Hot Sauce on Wings

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 2 – Bigfat’s 4o8 Jerk Style Hot Sauce


Jerk or “jerked” style seasoning can come in many forms – a dry rub style (we like McCormick’s Caribbean), a thick paste (Pickapeppa), or a pourable sauce.

Next to buffalo style, jerk wings are my favorite wings to eat. Heck, I love “jerked” anything! But especially chicken, and wings are an easy way to get that fix.

We’re frying up some hot wings and tossing them in Bigfat’s 4o8 Jerk sauce for our Day 2 of Week of Wings 2013.

How we cooked the wings:

When we deep fry wings, we first like to par-bake them in the oven until they’re almost cooked through. Then the deep-fry finishes them off, and gets them all nice and crispy. For our tips and steps, check out our Wings 101 post.

A delicious mess
A delicious mess

Next we poured the Bigfat’s 4o8 sauce into a large bowl and tossed the hot, fresh-from-the-fryer-wings into the sauce. The heat from the wings and residual oil helped break down the thick jerk sauce and also helped it cling to the wings nicely.

A look at the sauce:

Ingredients: water, tomatoes, green onion, garlic, habanero peppers, brown sugar, pomegranate, molasses, sea salt, white vinegar, lime juice concentrate, spices

bigfats 4o8 jerk sauce
A thick yet pourable jerk sauce

Texture & Appearance: Thick and pulpy, yet pourable. The color varies from bottle to bottle due to natural ingredients, but is basically a drab olive green – pretty typical of jerk sauces.

Taste Straight Up: Fiery and spicy with a traditional jerk flavor. A bit “light-hearted” in terms of Jerk flavors, but big on the habanero heat.

These jerk wings are spicy
These jerk wings are spicy

Heat Level: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – Bigfat’s rates this one right in the middle of their famous line-up of sauces. I’m putting it just shy of half-way on our 5 star scale. It does bring on the sweat on top of my head. Whoo!

This is not a sauce you would pour onto chips – it’s made for pork, chicken, shrimp – as a marinade or cooking sauce.

Clean and classy
Clean and classy

Label/Graphics: Classic Bigfat’s with great fonts, colors and simple layout.

Overall Rating (Taste on Food, Final Thoughts): Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars – Our wings were delicious and spicy hot with Bigfat’s 4o8 Jerk. I think it would be a perfect jerk sauce to grill on shrimp as well.

bigfats jerk sauce on wings
Fiery and delicious jerk wings

Visit Bigfat’s Hot Sauce online to order the 4o8 Jerk and all of their other sauces.

About our Week of Wings series: This is the 4th year we dedicate a full week of reviews, recipes and posts to the Hot Wing.
Enjoy and explore our other Week of Wings posts for inspiration and wing-ness!

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  1. Great review!! Thanks!! I love the 408 on veggies, too! And put some in a 50/50 mix of coffee and milk for a great spicy drink! The actual recipe is on their website!! Lovin week of wings, guys! Thanks much!!

    1. Thanks Ken, it’s always good to get your feedback 🙂 Jeremy and Kat Walsh have come up with an amazing line of products!

  2. I concur with you on the jerk seasoning, spicy but also so deep in flavor. Man I love that stuff and this sauce sounds like a good one.

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