BCRN – Barbecue Central Radio Network

24 Hour Streaming of BBQ and Grilling Shows

BBQ Central Radio Network

Greg Rempe of The BBQ Central Radio Show has created The Barbecue Central Radio Network – BCRN, the first Internet radio station streaming BBQ and grilling shows.
It is streaming, 24 hours a day, with shows changing at the top of each hour.

I’m happy to announce that HotSauceWeekly is in the list of great shows being streamed on BCRN!

The current line-up includes:

The BBQ Central Radio Show – The flagship show on the network – The BBQ Central show has evolved from one of the first bbq & grilling themed podcasts into the only live weekly show on ANY kind of radio that talks about the art and sport of barbecue and grilling.

In The Hut – A panel type podcast that talks about topical issues in the barbecue and grilling world. Bruce McCall Jr. (aka Huck Jr. hosts the show and is typically co-hosted with his bbq expert dad, Bruce McCall Sr. (aka Huck Sr.)

The Celebrity Grill Podcast – Hosted by JM, it’s a show for people who love to BBQ & want to learn more about grilling. Join the crowd & come find out what everybody else is grilling.

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HotSauceWeekly – (You are Here!) The world’s first podcast dedicated to hot sauce, fiery foods, barbecue – and all things hot and spicy.

So tune into The Barbecue Central Radio Network for more great content!

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