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Love the Weber Products

Currently, I’m only using Weber products and I’m strictly a charcoal guy for now.

The Kettle Grills

My main grill is the Weber 22.5″ One Touch Gold Kettle grill. That’s the “Blue Devil” pictured above.

It’s a classic, and the Gold version includes the no rust aluminum removable ash catcher. Very handy.

(Skip the One Touch Silver anything … it has the old style flat pan underneath to catch the ash. Messy and not convenient.)

I just learned they now have a 26.75″ Gold. What is up with Weber and the odd sizes?  Father’s Day is coming!

My Smokey Joe Silver does indeed have the simple ash tray underneath, but it has served as a great starter for coals, or a warming chamber for the food. I’ve never actually grilled anything on it yet. It’s only a 14.5″ surface. It’s my lil’ warming buddy.

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5"

Smoking on the Weber Smokey Mountain

My smoker is the Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker. A water/bullet smoker. The original 18.5″ size.

This baby holds a steady temp, with 2 18″ grates for plenty of room for food.

Weber Chimney Charcoal Starter

Grillin’ Tools and Incidentals

I have 2 Weber Chimneys I use to start the charcoals.

Maverick Redi-Check Remote Thermometer – food probe and air temp probe

I also keep a supply of cheap aluminum pans for liquids.

Kingsford Competition Briquets

Fuels Used Include Kingsford Competition Briquets

I’m  a big fan of the Weber Firestarters cubes. Way better than newspapers, and much less mess.

My charcoal of choice is now the new Kingsford Competition Briquets.

I also use Lump Charcoal from either Cowboy, or Royal Oak.

Smoking with Wood Chunks or Chips

Oak is my favorite, followed by cherry, apple, and hickory.

Mesquite can be harsh, I’ve not used it yet.

The Family

Here’s the Family out for a Sunday Cook: Click on the pic for the full panorama shot.
Panorama of the Family of Cookers

Well, that’s it. Those are my toys. If you have Weber grills and want to talk about them, leave me a Comment below.

Some great Weber resources are:

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  1. I’m looking for a quality smoker. Would you highly recommend the Smokey Mountain Smoker?

    Ol’ Benitos last blog post..Benito’s Hot Sauce Review: Meem’s mango, Old Bricktucky Cayenne, Joes #1 Jalapa

    • Absolutely recommended. it’s a great, tight, workhorse that won’t break the bank. And it’s a Weber. I got my 18″ WSM from with free shipping for $200. I see the newer 18 1/2″ is about $300 and the huge 22 1/2″ is going for $382 on Amazon.

      Having said all that, you should be considering which type of smoker you want.
      The WSM’s are charcoal only bullet style water smokers.
      There are offset smokers, pellet smokers… it goes on and on, but I’m very happy with my WSM.

  2. I love those firestarter cubes as well they are terrific!
    Nice selection of toys you have!

  3. Thanks. I am definitely looking to purchase one soon…

    Ol’ Benitos last blog post..Benito’s Hot Sauce Review: Meem’s mango, Old Bricktucky Cayenne, Joes #1 Jalapa

  4. They’re great grills them things. We have one and so do the kids. We swear by them. Can’t get a better grill anywhere in the country.