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Barbecue & Grilling Cookbooks – Smoke & Spice – Jamison

Smoke & Spice, by Cheryl Alters Jamison and Bill Jamison (authors of Born to Grill), was my first ‘cue cookbook that I got when I bought my first smoker (that has long since succumbed to the salt air here at the beach), but it’s the book I cut my teeth on for barbecue, smoking and cooking outdoors.

Cooking with SMOKE, the REAL Way to Barbecue, on Your Charcoal Grill, Water Smoker, or Wood-Burning Pit

Smoke and Spice Smoker Cookbook Front

It won a James Beard Foundation Award for Excellence

PART ONE: Honest-to-goodness barbecue

  • The Secrets of Success
  • Fuels and Tools

PART TWO: Smoking Slow and Low

  • Spicing Up Your Life
  • Pork You Can Pull Apart
  • Bodacious Beef
  • Lean and Mean Meats
  • Fowl Play
  • Fishing for Compliments
  • Garden of Eatin’
  • While You Wait

PART THREE: Great Accompaniments from Indoors

  • Barbecue Sauces
  • Traditional Side Dishes and Breads
  • Salads and Relishes
  • Down-Home Desserts
  • Cool and Cheery Drinks

Smoke and Spice Smoker Cookbook Back

At over 400 pages, this book is a Bible for smokers and backyard cooks! Click here to order your own copy.

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    1. Success… You’re welcome. It’s a great book. Excellent for the beginner or the experienced smoker.

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