Bar Be Que Model Brings in the Biz – video

KT’s Barbecue Uses Busty Girl to Bring ‘Em In

Kenny Tessel, owner of KT’s Barbecue in Cinncinatti, OH, keeps a busty girl out front to lure in new customers. And surprise! It’s working.
[Update: 05/04/09] – “busted”

Living and cooking in L.A. for 23 years, he cooked for the stars.
Reportedly, this guy used to be Rosanne Barr’s personal chef.

It seems he doesn’t have a website, for now. But I bet that will change.

I think “Bar Be Que” should start a Twitter account… “I’m standing on the corner in my shorts and bikini top” … “I’m standing on the corner in my Daisy Dukes get-up”… “I’m standing on the corner in my Nurse’s outfit“.  Oops!

[Update: 06/04/09]: Owner “busted” by city for no sign permit. Mannequin threatens to bust Ohio barbecue joint


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  1. Do what you gotta do! You don’t have to coerce me to try some new barbecue but that kind of coercion doesn’t hurt. Haha, regards!

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  2. Well, it’s a great strategy to get people’s attention. I’m sure, this is very effective for men. no men or even a woman will not make a second look or even stare if they saw a woman just wearing a bra outside a store and promoting something.

  3. S-x always sells. Now, if they’d only put out a MacGyver in a Men’s G-String…. 🙂


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  4. Put a real girl who looks like that out front, and I may drive all the way to Ohio just to see her.;-)

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