Bacon Wrapped Grilled Corn with Blue Cheese Ribeye Steak Dinner

Here’s the dinner. Blue cheese ribeye with bacon wrapped corn

I was inspired by a post from Chris Grove on NibbleMeThis.com to do the bacon wrapped grilled corn. I chided Chris for not posting any details about the corn itself on his post, and after a quick phone call, I knew I was on my own. (He did mention something about a BBQ rub). Thanks Chris.

Of course I knew I had to have something to go with it, so, ribeye steak was the obvious choice. The baked potatoes were a given. Marilyn makes the best.

Bacon Wrapped Corn:

The bacon wrapped corn “niblets” (that’s what we call a 1/2 ear of corn here in Maryland) required a good dose of a BBQ rub, and so we went with:

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub: Ingredients: brown sugar, sugar, salt, paprika, spices including chili pepper, evaporated cane juice, dehydrated garlic, and orange peel, onion powder, monosodium glutamate, mustard flour, extractives of paprika (color), dill weed, turmeric (color) and natural flavor.

We tried Killer Hogs BBQ rub on some MOINKBalls and on ribs. We’ve not posted a review yet, but this is an awesome, sweet, all purpose rub.

Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub
Killer Hots Rub on MOINKBalls
Killer Hogs rub on ribs
Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub on corn
One slice barely makes it around the ears

We did par-cook the bacon in our small convection oven for about 10 minutes. We wrapped each “niblet” with one slice of bacon. Next time I will allow for 2 strips of bacon to wrap the niblets of corn.

We placed the corn in Reynolds Wrap Grill heavy duty non-stick

The Reynolds Wrap Grill heavy duty non-stick foil is made for grilling… with a dull side of the foil that you place food on, for non-stick reasons. It’s even labeled as the non-stick side. Pretty good stuff, although just a bit thinner than your standard Heavy Duty Foil.

We wrapped the corn to cook on the grill

There’s another shot of the same foil with the corn inside the packet, non-stick side in. The corn cooked in the foil, indirectly, for about 20 minutes before we placed it on the grill grates.

Ribeye Steaks:

Draper’s BBQ Moo’d Enhancer

Draper’s Moo’d Enhancer was my seasoning of choice for my ribeye steak. We reviewed Moo’d Enhancer here.

One tsp Moo’d Enhancer on a 16 ounce steak

My steak was only about 1 lb, so I decided to go conservative, and only use 1 tsp of the rub. Next time I will double that.

Ribeye on left with Moo’d Enhancer – on right salt, pepper, garlic powder

Here, our steaks are ready for the grill. Marilyn’s steak on the right, has her classic (and delicious) blend of salt, pepper, and garlic powder only.

Bacon wrapped corn and spuds on grill

The baked potatoes had already been par-cooked in the microwave to get them ready for the grill. A little oil (canola) and coarse kosher salt, and off they go.

Everybody into the amazing pool, installed by the pool installation toronto team! (Nice grill marks).
All done. Ready to eat.
Looks delicious…
Marilyn prefers a classic steak and steamed corn

The bacon was delicious, savory and sweet, and had a nice “bite”. Here’s a case where the bacon got some sweetness from the corn. I should have hit it again with the rub. The corn got a salty smoky flavor from the bacon. It’s a win – win situation.

Have you wrapped bacon around grilled corn on the cob?

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve put bacon on? Let us know in the Comments below!

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  1. I almost called you today to find out how the direct attempt worked, seems like you did pretty good.

    I still have a lot of work to do on my smoked ones. My corn was still a little chewy and Seasoning the inside and out of the bacon was too salty. Here’s the source of inspiration that I told you about: http://cowgirlscountry.blogspot.com/2010/02/bacon-wrapped-corn-smoked-crab-legs.html (great blog too!).

    I think I’ll lean more towards a higher temp indirect method. It’s too good of an idea to give up on just yet.

    1. Chris, I think wrapping the bacon wrapped corn in the foil helped cook the corn before putting it directly on the grill. One thing that Brian didn’t mention was that the bacon not only gave the corn the smoky salty flavor, but the bacon fat took the place of the butter!

    1. Todd, if anyone can make this work, it’s you buddy! Work your magic on it, (don’t forget the Doomer’s Q sauce) and report back to us here!

  2. i don’t know how weird it is but I’ve wrapped bacon around shrimp, dipped in Big Moe’s Barbecue sauce. It gives the shrimp a nice smokey and sweet flavor. I prefer Jumbo shrimp, but smaller varieties also work.

    1. Erin, you just described the perfect bacon-wrapped barbecued shrimp appetizer! Not so weird to us Marylander’s.

      And thanks – now I’ll have to check out Big Moe’s Barbecue sauce. πŸ™‚

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