Auction to Benefit Beloved Chilehead Member and Family

The Third Auction – Everything from #1 and #2 and then some!

A member of the Chilehead community for years, David “Hudd” Huddleston and his family have fallen upon hard times financially. This third auction is a continuation of the community’s support of Hudd.

To raise funds to help out Hudd, dozens of Hot Sauce manufacturers have donated products to include in the auctions.

Auction #1 was a big success, with the winner donating all items right back into Auction #2.
Auction #2 was won by Chris from who promptly re-donated it all back into this HUGE third auction.
Auction #3: This auction features no less than 166 bottles of hot sauce, 1 gift card, 6 boxes of Jerky mix and plus 1 pound of Jerky! An incredible collection of products.

So far, over 400 dollars have been raised… and this exciting third auction will help the funds go a lot further!

Doug Spiros from is again conducting the auction over on

Here’s what’s up for grabs for the winning bidder this time:

• 6 Bottles of Cajun Island Blackening Spice from Cajun Island
• 6 Bottles of Grlic Goodness from Intensity Academy
• 25 Dollar gift certificate to from Peppers and More
• 6 Bottles of Jalapeno Pineapple Hot Sauce, 2 bottles of Fiery Trail Preserves and 2 bottles of Mango Habanero Grilling Sauce from Heartbreaking Dawns
• 3 Bottles of Kato’s Down South Hot sauce, 3 Bottles of Meaner Greener Habanero Sauce and 3 bottles Hemi Hot Sauce from Kato’s
• 1 Bottle each of Tapestry, Hot Cherry Pepper & Roasted Garlic, Habanero, Jalapeno, Cayenne & Curry and “Ouch, My Roids” Habanero Sauce from Tom’s Roid-Rippin’ Hot Sauce
• 1 Gift pack of sauce from the folks at Cajun Heat
• Full Product line from our Crazy Uncle Jester: 12 bottles!
• Full Product line From John at Defcon Sauces: 3 Wing Sauces, 1 Deathmatch Wing Sauce, 2 Horseradish Sauces, 1 Asian-inspired Sauce and 1 Seasoning
• 1 Pound of jerky from Jersey Boyz Jerky
• 6 Boxes of Scott’s Jerky Cure
• 12 Bottles of Popie’s Hotter Than Hell Sauce
• 2 Bottles of Unique Destiny “For Whom The Bells Toll” from Dragon’s Blood Elixir
• 4 Bottles of Rippin’ Red Wing Sauce (2 Hot and 2 Medium)
• 6 Bottles of Jamaican Jerk Marinade from Judo Joel’s
• 24 Bottles of Bourbon Street Bad Hot Sauce
• 4 Pack of Salsa from Gunther’s Gourmet
• 12 Bottles of Sauce from Insane Chicken

Items list courtesy of

Shipping is FREE on this giant collection of hot sauces and goodies, so bid generously and often!

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