2009 DEFCON Sauces Wing Eating Deathmatch Video

John Dilley, DEFCON Creator, posts video of incredible wing eating contest

THE 2009 DEFCON Sauces National Championship Wing-Eating Deathmatch video:

Hudd wins first place!

Hudd wins first place!

Click on image to view the video over at http://vimeo.com/6118111

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  1. Yeah, the contest was a riot this year. A big thanks has to go out to Bill & Sandi Kraft for taking the video. Our camera ran out of memory about a nanosecond before the competition started. They are true life savers, thanks guys!

  2. Next year if I don’t participate in the contest, I’ll bring an HD camera.

  3. Buddah says

    Can we have it shot in 3-D? Imagine that nose trail in the 3rd dimension. 😛