Wy’s Wings Teriyaki and Asian Ambrosia sauces

WEEK OF WINGS IV Day 3 – Wy’s Wings Teriyaki and Asian Ambrosia

Wy's Teriyaki and Asian Ambrosia wing sauces

Wy’s Teriyaki and Asian Ambrosia wing sauces

Our Asian inspired entry this year, for our Week of Wings series, is from Wy’s Wings, headquartered in Northern Virginia. On one wing we have a thick, dark, sweet and sticky Teriyaki sauce, and on the other, a sweet, slightly spicy chili sauce.

We cooked up a batch of fried wings and doused them in these two Wy’s sauces.

How we cooked the wings:

We par-baked the wings at 350 degrees for about 40 minutes, flipping them over half-way through, then deep fried them at 360 degrees for about two minutes. It’s our usual method for deep frying wings. Our Wings 101 has all the tips and details. We gave them a quick rest on paper towels to get rid of the excess oil, then tossed them in these amazing sauces.

The sauces:

Wy’s Wings Teriyaki:

Ingredients: soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, sodium benzoate), brown sugar, water, mirin (water, rice, dextrose, corn syrup, salt), modified food starch, vinegar, garlic, spices, onion, salt.

Wy's Teriyaki Sauce

Wy’s Teriyaki Sauce is dark, sticky and delicious

Texture & Appearance: A beautiful, shiny, translucent, gorgeous sauce. Dark and shiny and very sticky, it was surprisingly light bodied on the wings themselves.

Taste Straight Up: This is a great teriyaki sauce. You could stir fry anything in this and it would be fantastic. You can taste the mirin and the soy (of course), and I’m so pleased that it is not too salty or too sweet. There is a great silky feel on the tongue, and it’s better than any other teriyaki sauce that I’ve ever tried. Though not your “typical” wing sauce (cayenne, butter, etc), if you love teriyaki wings as much as I do, this has got to be in your kitchen or fridge. It has a wonderful consistency that clings beautifully to the spoon.

wy's teriyaki sauce on wings

Wy’s Teriyaki sauce on wings

Taste on Wings: This smells so good while we’re tossing the wings in the sauce. Brian likes to let them soak a while, and I just want to toss, put them on the plate, and let the heat from the wings set the sauce. Either way, the finished product will give you beautiful wings, with a lovely shiny finish. Though still brown, they are surprisingly light in color considering the darkness of the sauce, and not as thickly coated as we thought they would be – just a nice light glaze. Delicious, only slightly sticky, this will be my go-to sauce when I want a teriyaki wing, AND this sauce will now be the one I use for my teriyaki stir-fry creations. Goodbye, Kikkoman, hello Wy’s!

Wy’s Wings Asian Ambrosia:

Ingredients: water, chili peppers, high fructose corn syrup, sugar, garlic, vinegar, salt, orange juice concentrate, soy sauce (water, wheat, soybeans, salt, sodium benzoate), modified food starch, ginger, natural flavorings, spices.

wy's asian ambrosia sample

Wy’s Asian Ambrosia sauce closeup

Taste Straight Up: Labeled as a Thai Chili sauce with garlic, this sauce is very smooth. I can taste the garlic in the background, and it’s not as sweet as a normal Thai chili sauce. Brian detects something dry, but I think that’s just the dried flakes of red chili peppers. The bits of garlic are moist and tender, creating a lovely umami balance. Not overly sweet, not too thick, and not gloppy like other chili sauces, this should coat the wings nicely. This sauce, like the teriyaki, clings to and coats the spoon – another Wy’s sauce with perfect consistency.

Texture & Appearance: A very light-colored orange sauce with bits of red pepper flakes and garlic bits that are nice and tender. A very pretty sauce and not as thick as most Thai chili sauces. This looks promising!

Wy's Asian Ambrosia wings finished

Wy’s Asian Ambrosia wings

Taste on Wings: This is one of those sauces you might want to dip your wings in after they’re cooked. Brian had to smack my hand as I found myself wiping my fingers through the drips of sauce on the plate. (In my defense, I was just cleaning up the plate for the pictures!) The finished wings have a very pale glaze, with a brighter color than the Teriyaki. These are beautiful shiny wings with bright red bits of the chili pepper. Sweeter than the Teriyaki wings, this is my “wow” of the two sauces.

Overall Rating / Final Thoughts: Rated 5 out of 5 Stars – I loved the Teriyaki, and they get 5 stars from me for a teriyaki wing. The Asian Ambrosia, however, would get 6 stars if we had that rating. Yep, I loved them that much!

Wy's Asian sauces on wings

Wy’s Asian sauces on wings

Shop for Wy’s Wings online and stay tuned for new sauces that Wy’s will be launching very soon!

About our Week of Wings series: This is the 4th year we dedicate a full week of reviews, recipes and posts to the Hot Wing. Enjoy and explore our other Week of Wings posts for inspiration and wing-ness!

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