Refrigerate After Opening:
Three Words I Hate

Refrigerate After Opening – three words I hate to see on bottles of sauces. Really? Have you seen my ‘fridge photos?
I just don’t have the room in there with all the pickles, mustards, and BBQ concoctions.

And that photo is AFTER cleaning out the ‘fridge door!

I much prefer the sauces that live happily on counters, tables, and any other flat, open surface areas around our house. Those guys are Troopers. “We don’t need no stinkin’ refrigerators“!

Here are some sauces in my ‘fridge that I wish I could keep out in the open – ready any second for a quick pour alongside our chicken, tacos, steaks and other meals.

  • Any jerk seasonings or sauces
  • Mustard based hot sauces or BBQ sauces – even Mustard needs the cold box! ***
  • Wing sauces – if only
  • Exotic hot sauces – you know who you are

Now for the good guys, the Troopers. They can sit out all day and night, ready to serve.

  • Tabasco – I see some of you rolling your eyes, Scott, but let’s face it… the stuff survives anywhere!
  • Most Pickapeppa sauces, the Original and the Red, Parrot Brand… those Jamaicans know how to keep a sauce on hand
  • Worchestershire, Heinz 57, Soy Sauce… while not hot sauces, you guys still rock!
  • Sriracha – always nice to see sitting on our crowded counters, ready to add your garlic and bright sun-ripened chile flavors
  • Rubs – rubs, rubs, rubs – refrigeration is your death knell – and for that I am grateful!

*** Exceptional Mention: BluesBBQ new Chipotle Mustard Pepper Sauce – All Natural – No Preservatives – “No Refrigeration Necessary”. Awesome!

I think we need a new law that requires every manufacturer to either print Refrigeration Needed or Not Needed on their products. If it’s not there, we doubt. We ask bloggers and Chileheads and friends, “Does this sauce need to be refrigerated?” Without the label instructions, I DON’T KNOW!

I just know I’ve left out dozens of sauces! Where do you weigh in on this trivial matter that I’ve blow way out of proportion?

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