Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012 in Pics

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Good times at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival 2012

My photo gallery of all the old and new friends I met at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival.

Click any pic for a big, beautiful viewer.

If you’re in the pics above, feel free to use it on your site. It was great meeting everyone!

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  1. This festival is now my 2nd favorite right behind Bowers. Hey, Bowers is 4 hours away, and Houston is like…. oh 20+?

    First class affair, with friendly crowds and awesome hot sauce vendors!

  2. Great pics. Thanks for taking them. We were too busy (good thing).

  3. I always enjoy these food festivals, lots of fun, cool people and the occasional kooks (in a good way). I guess hot sauce “does a body good” based on the body builder contest.


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  2. […] Octane Sauce Company was an entrant in the Salsa Contest at the Houston Hot Sauce Festival, and is also where I first met Kevin Billings and Audrey Ackerman and tried his line of Octane […]

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