Chicken Choker Wing Rub

WEEK OF WINGS IV – Day 6 – Dry Rubbed Wings


With ribs, there are fans of the wet and sticky kind, and fans of the dry rubbed version. So it is with wings too… wet and saucy, or dry and spicy. This is our entry for our Week of Wings 4 with a dry rub, er… seasoning.

Chicken Choker Wing Rub from is a fiery blend of spices designed to give you a hot, spicy dry rubbed wing.

While not exactly rubbed before grilling, these wings are prepped in yet another unusual fashion. The hot, grilled wings are tossed in melted butter and sprinkled with Chicken Choker Wing Rub before serving. Hot, dry and crispy – these babies will light you up!

Our smoke grilled wings just waiting for the sprinkle...

Our smoke grilled wings just waiting for the sprinkle…

Ingredients: black pepper, chilies, salt, onion, paprika, and other herbs and spices.

Beautiful grind and color.

Beautiful grind and color.

Heat Level: Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars – Hot. ‘Nuff said.

Yea, these are going to be hot...

Yea, these are going to be hot…

The instructions on said to sprinkle the rub over the wings. I may have over-sprinkled. I used it as one would use a “rub”, when in fact it’s more of a spicy hot seasoning. Sprinklers beware!

Overall Rating: Rated 3 out of 5 Stars – We’ve already established this rub is hot – fiery hot. I had hoped there would be more depth to the flavor. More garlic, less black pepper. But overall, it’s a winning dry wing seasoning that you must try for yourself.

Nice package in a resealable bag.

Nice package in a resealable bag.

You can purchase Chicken Choker Wing Rub here.

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