Green Mary Cocktail Mix from Frankie V’s Kitchen


"Green Mary Cocktail Mix from Frankie V's Kitchen is a refreshing and flavorful alternative to the usual Bloody Mary mix." Green Mary Cocktail Mix from Frankie V's Kitchen As I write this, it's St. Patrick's Day weekend in the US, where everyone is Irish and everything is green, and our Sunday … [Read more...]

Hot Maple Smokey Habanero Sauce


Hot Maple Smokey Habanero sauce from Portland, Oregon uses Grade-A Dark Amber maple syrup, a special blend of spices, and locally sourced Habanero peppers to create its unique sweet-smokey flavor. Hot Maple Smokey Habanero Hot Maple Smokey Habanero creator Matthew Hilla has crafted a … [Read more...]

Chef Tunes by Maverick review

chef tunes by maverick

A cool little kitchen appliance that monitors your meat in the oven and takes and makes phone calls - all while you listen to music from your bluetooth phone or tablet. Chef Tunes by Maverick Bluetooth kitchen speaker, hands free phone, roasting thermometer and clock - Chef Tunes by … [Read more...]

A & B American Style Pepper Sauce


I came across A&B American Style Pepper Sauce at the First Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo last year (which was an amazing event, thank you Steve Seabury!). Knowing that A&B is going to be in attendance again at this year's event, I figured it was time to share this find with you, our readers. A&B … [Read more...]

Sriracha Bloody Mary Mixer from Powell and Mahoney


Our second in a series of Sunday Bloody Mary goodness comes from Powell and Mahoney Limited. Their "Super Spicy" Sriracha Bloody Mary mixer is all natural, gluten free, and is "handcrafted in Vermont". Sriracha Bloody Mary Mixer from Powell and Mahoney One of the newest flavors in the … [Read more...]

Murphs Hot and Spicy Famous Bloody Mary Mix

murphs hot spicy bloody mary feature

The Murph's Hot & Spicy Famous Bloody Mary Mix is their newest and spiciest version of the very tasty and successful "The Murph's Famous Bloody Mary Mix". The original version is a stellar stand-alone mixer that is as delicious on the rocks as a breakfast beverage as it is for a "wake me up" adult … [Read more...]

Pineapple Orange Hot Sauce by Gunthers Gourmet

gunthers gourmet pineapple orange hot sauce texture closeup

Our first hot sauce review of the year is also a first for the company that makes it. Gunther's Gourmet has long been known for their incredible salsas, vinaigrettes and gourmet marinades. Pineapple Orange Hot Sauce with Mango is their first hot sauce release. And we think they nailed this one - … [Read more...]

Texas Pete’s new Sriracha sauce – CHA!

texas pete cha sriracha sauce

Big, bold and savory - Texas Pete enters the Sriracha sauce niche with their new CHA! Sriracha hot chile sauce. Texas Pete's CHA! Sriracha Sauce We cracked open this company provided sample not quite knowing what to expect. Texas Pete and Sriracha? Yup! It works! It turns out Texas Pete … [Read more...]

Crazy Steve’s Badass Barnacle Bloody Mary Mix

crazy steve's badass barnacle bloody mary mix

What better way to start the New Year's reviews than with a Bloody Mary Mixer? Crazy Steve's Badass Barnacle Bloody Mary Mix is just what we need. Hey, it's early 2014... Happy New Year! We're still a little bit hungover from all of the Holiday festivities. How about you? Steve Zielinski of … [Read more...]

13 Favorite Products of 2013


HotSauceDaily's 13 Favorite Products of 2013 Our annual "favorite products of the year" for 2013 features 13 of the best of the best - with a couple of surprises. This is not a contest or an awards post. Just some of the products we really liked. After all, it's hard to pick a favorite … [Read more...]

Sriracha Shortage? What Shortage?

sriracha shortage alternatives

Now is a great time to discover the many other Sriracha style hot sauces that are available. With the Huy Fong Foods Sriracha being mandated to halt shipments until sometime in January, lovers of that venerable Rooster Sauce have plenty of other options to get their fix. Sriracha shortage? We … [Read more...]

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Pink Label – Review and Huge Christmas Giveaway

lucky dog lineup

Lucky Dog Hot Sauce has released its sixth and newest hot sauce. The Pink Label is an Extra Hot Lightly Smoked Pepper Sauce. Featuring habanero, serrano, and ghost peppers, along with sweet pears and dates, this apple-wood smoked sauce is hot and hearty. Lucky Dog Hot Sauce Pink … [Read more...]