Blues BBQ Carolina Pepper Sauce Review

Not a BBQ Sauce and Not a Hot Sauce – What is it?


An all purpose sauce I plan on keeping on my table at all times, Carolina Pepper Sauce has converted this thick and sweet bbq sauce lover over to Carolina “style” vinegar and pepper sauce!

If it’s not a bbq sauce. And it’s not a hot sauce. What is it?

An Everyday Condiment for Pork, Beef and Poultry


While it is made in the tradition of Carolina style bbq sauce, which is typically just vinegar, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper and maybe some ketchup in some areas, Blues BBQ Carolina Pepper Sauce is much more than that.

I’ve tried some of the usual Carolina sauces, but always went back to the thicker sweeter sauce. They all left me wanting more flavor than just vinegar and pepper flakes.

There is a ton of flavor here! It’s sweet with just a little bite.

Ingredients: tomato, cider vinegar, sugar, assorted peppers, salt, natural flavors

I asked Steve Burnham, the creator, what does “assorted peppers” mean?

Assorted peppers is a blend of mostly chile, cayenne and very, very little habanero. I did not want this sauce hot, but just a small bite.


This sauce has some body to it, so it’s not as thin as you might think. You can see the sauce clinging to the bottle in this photo.

I’m thinking the tomato along with the pepper mash Steve mentioned helps with the body.

As I write this, I’m sipping on the sauce from a shot glass.  Add a little vodka, and this stuff would be a great base for Bloody Marys too!

Pulled Pork with Blue’s Carolina Pepper Sauce


We sprinkled this sauce on our smoked, pulled pork and made some awesome sandwiches with it.

It really rocks! As the label says, it’s “Music to your Mouth!” The bottle has a dropper cap, so you don’t waste any of this delicious, peppery, sweet Carolina Pepper Sauce. Mmmm.

Blues BBQ Carolina Pepper Sauce is all natural, with no preservatives and needs no refrigeration. A big plus in my book. My ‘fridge is full of sauces now.

In addition to the large 10 ounce bottle pictured here, you can also get it in a One Gallon bottle! (Remember the Bloody Mary idea I mentioned?)

Also visit to buy this sauce and for more info.

Have you tried this sauce? Are you a fan of Carolina “style” sauces? Please leave a Comment below and let me know.

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