Bad Brains Fire Burn Babylon hot sauce review

You can’t do a “hot sauce” search on Google lately, without getting hits about the legendary D.C. Punk Band, “Bad Brains” and their bassist Darryl Jenifer and guitarist Gary “Dr. Know” Miller’s new hot sauce venture – Fire Burn Babylon.

Fire Burn Babylon tastes as good as it looks...

Fire Burn Babylon tastes as good as it looks…

They’re already ahead of the game by having Heartbreaking Dawns package and distribute their sauce. And the flavor trumps heat here. It’s an amazing, not-so-hot, flavorful sauce from a hard-core band of misfits. Who knew?

With Red Scotch Bonnet peppers and papaya as a base, this mild Caribbean sauce is a delightful, light bodied, serious hot sauce that brings on flavor and sweet – above heat.

Beautiful color and texture.

Beautiful color and texture.

Fire Burn Babylon was “Born out of their longtime love of Caribbean-soul, yard style cooking.” according to an official statement. The small-batch, Scotch Bonnet pepper-based sauce is a perfect blend of papaya and Caribbean spices.

Bad Brains Fire Burn Babylon original

Bad Brains Fire Burn Babylon original

The original Fire Burn features custom label art by world renowned street artist Shepard Fairey. While the heat on this one is moderate, the flavor is explosive. And, coming soon, will be the Extreme Heat companion to the Original Babylon with Trinidad 7 Pod Peppers!

Fire Burn Babylon has replaced my favorite habanero sauce (a relative of the Scotch Bonnet after all), Orange Crush.

Fire Burn Babylon on pizza

Fire Burn on pizza

INGREDIENTS: papaya, red scotch bonnet peppers, distilled vinegar, water, salt, onion powder, garlic powder, dry mustard, natural gum.

HEAT LEVEL: Rated 2 out of 5 Stars – medium light in heat – awesome flavor.


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